Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zombiewood Walkthrough and Hidden Trophy

Zombiewood is a new FREE game for both iOS and Android.  I must say I spent a good portion of this past weekend playing the game on both the iPhone 5 and our Android tablet.  So far it is a really great game!  Excellent graphics and game play.  I'd highly recommend checking it out.

Initially I had no idea how to find the hidden trophies and a few times I actually managed to collect a few, but had no clue how I did it. 

Thanks to the commenter below, I realized they are contained within the props.  For example, blowing up a mailbox or other prop may cause a hidden trophy to pop out, so start blasting everything in sight!

Surprisingly, I have not yet come across a walkthrough for Zombiewood.  If you do come across one, please drop me a comment and I'd be glad to link to it.  

Here is a Zombiewood Tips and Cheats FAQ type page

This is one of those must have games in my opinion and the best part so far is that it's free and I haven't hit a point where you're stuck and can't move forward without wanting/needing to make in game purchases to get further.  Great job from the guys at Gameloft!  



Elliott said...

The trophies are hidden in the props. Destroy all props you see.

Chris said...

Excellent, thanks for the comment! I will add that info to the post.

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