Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where have I been?

One of our fuzzy babies, Buddy!

I just wanted to do a post to say I'm still here!  We've been pretty busy lately and I've been a little bit stressed as well, so I haven't gotten around to posting.

We have been busy prepping our old house for sale and doing the paperwork and that is finally all set.  It's listed and we had some activity and interest right after being posted on MLS last Friday afternoon and actually we got an offer in less than 24 hours.  That was really surprising, since it was listed for more than I was anticipating.

The offer seemed pretty solid and we were tentatively all set until our realtor sent her the last paper to sign yesterday.  Apparently the finality of that last sheet put her over the edge and she got the jitters.  And that was after she wanted to move quickly to get the contract signed so that our realtor could mark it pending and not market it further.

Oh well, it's a short sale process and thus it will take some time anyway and it's not a big deal if that offer falls through.  Our realtor has not even put up a sign or had any pictures taken for the listing yet, so no biggie.  It's just good to see that someone was very interested, so that at least shows others appreciate our taste and efforts to decorate and maintain things, so that is good.  We should find out by around noon today as to if she is in or out, but like I said no biggie either way.

I've been pretty stressed out over the last month in relation to my working situation.  Since we haven't quite figured out the key to making a living online just yet and we're not yet independently wealthy either, our furry children require that we both work for a living to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter and treats.

Rather than go into the nitty-gritty drawn out details, the bottom line is that there is an outsourcing initiative with an Indian outsourcing company in progress.  There has been a huge lack of communication and clarity and the bottom line as we were told Monday, is that everyone will be extended until the end of this year, but that is all we know for certain.

Some existing contractors have been in negotiations to stay with the Indian outsourcing company for an undetermined role for an undermined period of time, others have not.  I have had some discussions, but it's unclear where things are at or where they will go.  

The bottom line is that it has added a huge amount of uncertainty and stress to everyday life and I have no choice but to do what I need to do in order to find a new opportunity either way.  

If you happen to have connections in the IT field or in HR, I'm currently looking for positions that typically have titles like Unix Systems Administrator, Senior Unix Administrator, Linux Administrator and Unix/Linux Engineer.  I also have experience in website setup and search engine optimization (SEO).  I'm looking for positions locally here in the Jacksonville Florida area or telecommute positions.  Thanks ahead of time and feel free to email me at chris "@"  I'd be glad to pass along a current resume. 

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and when one door closes a better one opens.  I'm positive that better things are ahead.  I appreciate any and all positive thoughts to further that cause!

I hope everyone is doing well out there in blog land and one thing I'm definitely looking forward to is my mom, Jen, David and Max coming to visit in 2 weeks!  Jen just posted a video of Max crawling, but Blogger is being a pain and not uploading my video, so here is a still shot.  Can't wait to see him do it in person!

Go Max go!


Gigi said...

Max has really taken over the house now. With the terrific walker from you and Marla for the wood floors and now crawling on the carpets, there is no stopping him.Getting excited for our visit too! Ahhhhhhhhhh beach!

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