Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Smoothie Blender


Best Smoothie Blender

I've been wanting to do a review of our Magic Bullet Blender for a while, so here goes!

First off, I want to give a point of reference.  We previously had a Black and Decker BL5000 blender and that thing was the absolute worst for smoothies!  I fought with that thing for about a month, thinking that all blenders must work the same way, but all blenders are NOT created equal.

The issue I had with the old one was that the blade would spin forever and none of the frozen fruit would make it down to the blade to get chopped up.  No matter what setting it was on, no matter how much liquid I added, no matter how many times I took the glass container off and shook it, it would take forever to end up with an actual drinkable smoothie.

My sister Jen had turned me on to smoothies several months back and she never seemed to have a problem making hers.  She was using the Magic Bullet and that is what I decided to try out as well.  I read a ton of reviews, some great, some middle of the road, but based on Jen's good experiences I decided to go for it and am so glad I did.

I have probably 3 smoothies a week on average and I think the wifey has one or two as well.  I utilize frozen strawberries and a frozen bag mix of blackberries/blueberries and raspberries, along with a banana, sometimes spinach and flaxseed mix combined with some ice and water.  I occasionally add protein powder for post workout smoothies also.

The Magic Bullet does a great job grinding down all of that into a super tasty smoothie with no lumps.  What I like most is that it is fast and there is hardly any cleanup required.  Since the cup is actually what holds your mixture, you only have to clean the bottom blade part after your smoothie is done which takes 2 seconds.  Here is a quick video showing how quick/easy it is to make a smoothie:

After you're done drinking the smoothie you have to clean your cup, but that's it.  No huge container to cleanup and store each time.

The 26 piece Magic Bullet kit comes with a ton of different cup sizes and tops and mine came with the standard 2 blades and 1 new ice shaver blade as well. 

I have utilized mine exclusively for smoothies, well actually I also made one Strawberry Daiquiri with it also, but if you are looking to do lots of stuff with the Magic Bullet, it comes with a ton of simple recipes as well.  The wifey utilized it to make fresh salsa one time and it turned out great.


Bottom line, if you're looking for a blender for smoothies, look no further.  The Magic Bullet is it! I've utilized it for 4 months now with no issues whatsoever.  It just works.

One suggestion, be sure to get smoothie straws also, they work great.  Enjoy!


Jen said...

Yay! So glad you like it. We use ours daily after starting to use it about 2 years ago and it's done really well all this time. We have one a day and love the clean up. Max is a magic bullet lover also!

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