Monday, April 1, 2013

Visit From Mom - Easter Weekend

My mom came to visit Wednesday night-Sunday evening of Easter weekend for some good eats, good times and relaxation.  She picked a great weekend weather wise, started out a bit cooler in the high 60s when she arrived, but picked right up to the mid to upper 70s by Saturday/Sunday.  I'll give you the full play-by-play of the weekend activities. 

On the agenda were visits to several new restaurants she hasn't been to and a few favorites as well.  On the way back from the airport to pick her up we spontaneously hit up Seasons 52 at the Town Center.  That is a nice place with good ambiance and a portion of their menu changes with the seasons.  All the entrees and desserts are under 550 calories or something like that, but they're still filling. 

Seasons 52 dessert for Mom
Thursday night we walked over to our local Mexican place and my mom not being a big fan of Mexican, always gets the chicken wings, but we have to say, they are pretty darn good!

In between all the eating, we got in a few nice long walks on the beach.  2.8 miles down to the pylons on Friday and 3.2 miles down to the pier and some shops on Saturday.

Friday night we hit up KC Crave, which is another yummy local place at the beach that opened up within the last year or so.  After dinner, we went over to Nippers Beach Grille and Billy's Boat House for some live music, drinks and to check out the sunset over the Intracoastal waterway. 

Dinner at KC Crave
Drinks & Live Music at Nippers/Billy's Boathouse Marina
Sunset over the Intracoastal waterway
Interesting Hula girl on the hood of a car in the parking lot

We also decided to hit up the St Augustine Trolley Tour as a little touristy something to do since we were heading down that way for dinner Saturday night.

Freaky machine at the "penny" arcade by the Trolley
Mom on the trolley
St Augustine Bay Front

Magnolia Street with a mossy tree canopy on the Trolley Tour
Apparently, the colder temperatures in the north and one of the first perfect weekends weather wise down here gave lots of folks the idea to go to St Augustine for the weekend.  It was the busiest we've ever see it and the Trolley guy said the only other time he's seen it this busy is the 4th of July weekend.  He had been pulling double shifts for 2 weeks, since this is Spring break time for lots of folks and the Easter weekend as well. 

That turned the normally 90 minute Trolley ride into a full 2 hours just to make the one loop around the downtown St Augustine area.  That was fine for something different to do, but whew, it sure was a bumpy ride and so many stops with all the traffic made it a bit long.  Had it not been as busy, we could have fit in a stop at the San Sebastian winery or taken a tour of the Whetstone Chocolate factory.

We went to Cap's on the Water for dinner, one of my Mom's favorite places to go.

View from our table at Cap's on the Water
And we ended up the weekend Sunday with some homemade Minastra, which is basically a Zucchini soup type dish from my Gma, that the wifey does a wonderful job with.  Not your traditional Easter dinner faire, but something my Mom has been wanting for a while and I love it any time!!

All in all some very good eats, drinks and good times.  And of course we were keeping up with my sisters via pictures of Max and Hadley, as they were together for Easter weekend in Mississippi.

Max hunting for Easter eggs
Hadley in a Lamb Chop looking bunny-ish outfit

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!


Jen S said...

Ginny you look fantastic! Sounds like a good time.

Mock family said...

Great recap!! Yummy uninterrupted dinners!

Chris said...

Heh, true, I guess we take those for granted, but Mom probably didn't. :o)

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