Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Funday - Max Edition

Our nephew Max is at that so freakin cute/fun stage and it is always great when I get to see him on FaceTime.  Today I needed a dose of Max and as always, he did not disappoint!  He always does something funny.  He is so good at imitating, like if I stick my tongue out or shake my head he will do it also. 

Today he was doing something new, his Daddy taught him how to shake his head back and forth real fast and with all that hair he has, he had me laughing so hard that he kept doing it cause he knew I was getting a kick out of it. 

And right after, he almost gave his cousin Kinsley another "love" bite.  Close call.  

And at the end when it was nap time, GiGi told him to give kisses and he took out his pacifier and would give kisses to the iPad screen.  So cute.  Love the Buddo!

New head shake fun!
Haha, great face!
I'm pretty funny GiGi!
Poor unsuspecting Kinsley ALMOST got another love bite.  :o)


Jen said...

I miss his long hair already!! Poor boy couldn't see though.

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