Thursday, July 11, 2013

Atlanta Movie Tours - Big Zombie Tour Part 1

Here are pictures we took on our Atlanta Movie Tours - Big Zombie Tour Part 1.  Walking Dead is one of our favorite shows, so it was great to see several locations where the show was filmed.

Where possible I tried to find pictures from the show episodes to go along with the pictures we took for reference.  Where applicable, the pictures from the show are directly below the actual photos we took and are kinda obvious, but I also put SHOW PHOTO in the caption.

Mucho thanks to, as that is where I got the show pictures from.  Great site!  I included links to those sites and several other Walking Dead tour/shooting location sites at the bottom of this post as well.  ZOMBIES!!!

Alleyway where Glen saved Rick
SHOW PHOTO  Glen saving Rick
Rooftop where Merle was chained to the pipe
SHOW PHOTO of Merle and the crew on the rooftop
Route Glen took out of the city with the Charger
The escape truck backed up to this loading dock at "Bradbury's Dept Store"
SHOW PHOTO Escape truck backing up to same loading dock
The Bradbury's Dept Store sticker is still on the doors from the show
Hospital where Rick woke up
Me outside the hospital
SHOW PHOTO Hospital all CGI'd up with lots of dead Zombies
Building next to the hospital
SHOW PHOTO all CGI'd up as Rick leaves the hospital
"Vatos" Episode location
"Vatos" Episode location
"Vatos" Episode location
"Vatos" Episode location
"Vatos" Episode location
"Vatos" Episode SHOW PHOTO complete with blood stains!
"Vatos" Episode SHOW PHOTO
"King County Sheriff Dept" Building
SHOW PHOTO  "King County Sheriff Dept" Building
Location where Rick shot the police man Zombie
"CDC Building", which is actually the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center

Both of us at the "CDC"
Me at the "CDC"
SHOW PHOTO "CDC" building
SHOW PHOTO "CDC" building
View of Downtown from overpass
SHOW PHOTO from same location
Us at the same spot
Group photo at the end of the tour

Awesome Walking Dead Links

Our tour guide HIGHLY recommended getting the Walking Dead comic books.  He said they are different enough that they will not be a spoiler for the show.  He recommended grabbing the compendium paperback versions.  That just means that they they combine the comic books into two larger sets rather than buying each individual episode, which is cheaper as well. 

Here they are:

The Walking Dead: Compendium One (#1-48)
The Walking Dead: Compendium Two (#49-96)  -  Awesome site listing all the filming locations with pictures for most showing the spots along with photos from the episodes.  It even lists GPS coordinates for most of the main scenes.  GREAT site, also where I grabbed comparison pictures for this post.  Definitely check the site out!

Walking Dead Filming Locations on Google Maps

Atlanta Movie Company Zombie Tours  -  We took the Part 1 tour and hope to do more tours on return visits to the Atlanta.  They have a Part 2 tour that goes to Haralson, GA and there is also an affiliate tour that you can take that is free and located in Grantville, GA.

Senoia, GA is another one of the main shooting locations to research, which is home to the Governor's town of Woodbury.  

Facebook pages for the tour guides for our tour are below.  They were both featured walkers on the show:

Michael Jaegers Officially Undead Fan Site

Michael got a cool head smash death from Michonne

Professor "Woodchuck" Walker

Daryl took out "Professor Woodchuck"


Jen said...

Pretty cool if you're into zombies and sorts lol. JK Glad you didn't see any real life zombies!

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