Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 4th Family Weekend

We went up to visit family for the 4th of July weekend and got to hang with the kiddos.  Miss the munchkins already.  Good times!  It was tough to narrow down the best pictures from the over 300 that I took (Max helped)...There are a few funny videos as well, but since they don't display well on mobile devices, I'll include those in a separate post later this week...Now, onto the pictures!




 Look at that silly face!

 Max turning the glow worm on before bed.  Too cute. 

 Partial Cheese Face

 Max being silly with wifey in the window

 Max taking a self portrait

 Selfie #2

 Max contemplating life at the Splash Park

 Splash Park fun

 Water is a little chilly, but I'm having fun!

 Hadley watching Max at the Splash Park

 Buddo drying off

 He loves to make that face


 Happy Hadders!

 Such big eyes

 Pretty girl!

 Hadley and Me

 Hadley, Mommy, Daddy and Madders on the mantle

 Wifey and Hadley

 Such a happy girl!

 Yummy menu!  Sanitized of course!

 Welcome to Moes!

 The whole crew!

 I'm Buddo and I approve this post!


Mock family said...

Awesome photo recap!! Hadley's been way unhappier since y'all left, time to come back

Chris said...

Aww Hadders...Misses all the action!

Jen said...

Great photos! Such fun times with all the kiddos.

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