Saturday, July 20, 2013

Covering a Glass Table With Fabric

The wifey got tired of our round glass table and wanted to replace it with a wooden square one.  Problem is, she wanted to cover it up with fabric anyway, so rather than buy a whole new table and cover that up, I figured let's try and cover up the one we have.  Worst that can happen is we screw it up and get rid of it anyway. 

Wifey bought the fabric online at  She got 5 yards worth and plans to cover up the chair cushions on our small kitchen table chairs as well. 

The dilema was how to get the fabric to stick to the glass, since a staple gun wouldn't work real well.  The quick easy way I came up with was to buy some small pieces of wood at the hobby store and crazy glue the wood pieces to the glass and then use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the bottom of the table.  Worked pretty good.

We got the foam and batting from Walmart. 

Original table
This was not enough wood, we attached 6 more in between.
To keep the foam attached to the table, wifey used duct tape, why not, won't see it anyway.
Batting wrapped around the foam.
Finished product.  It actually looks like a surf board, completely unplanned, but perfect for the beach!


Mock family said...

Impressive work you two!!

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