Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Week in Review - Picture Style

Monkey wants to go to the gym or get away from Buddy
Best friends
Love Hadley in the background wanting to see what's going on
Buddo close-up
Hadley funny faces!
Her favorite one!
Smiley girl!
Max upside down photo bomb.
Buddy in full sleep mode
Sisters' Bday Gift Reveal - 30 Rocks!
Celebrating Sisters' Bday remotely and catching up with buddy Scott at Lemon Bar

Buddy loves to snuggle, but only on the spare bedroom bed.  Weird, but fun!
And here are a few late additions from a quick FaceTime chat this morning...

Max says have a great weekend!


Mock family said...

Loved all the photo recaps!

Jen said...

Great photos! Silly Max, stop throwing up :)

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