Monday, August 26, 2013

Guest Post From Wifey - Birchbox Review

Hi everyone! Guest blogger Marla here (aka Wifey) to talk about my Birchbox. If you have never heard of "boxes" then you are missing out. I first heard about them from a friend of mine and she was trying to explain the concept to me and I could not really picture what you are paying for and then getting in the long run. So I did some googling and came across this website; My Subscription Addiction.

This blogger subscribes to many, many boxes and gives a little review each month on them. After looking through the reviews, I decided to start with a cheap box that interested me. I always love getting beauty product samples when I order from Sephora. Birchbox supplies that for only $10 a month.  On the Birchbox website you fill out a profile and answer questions about what you like in products, your hair type, etc. Then they will send a a box that month that closely matches your preferences.

Each month has a different theme, August was "Finishing Touches". They also sell full sized versions of the samples if you really love them.

Here is what it looked like when it arrived:

Inside there is a whole bunch of different samples including a full sized eye liner pencil!

Included is a card describing each product sample you have received and the retail price for a full sized product. As one can see from the card, the eyeliner is worth $20 and I only paid $10 for the box. Plus I received some great coupons from Ann Taylor, one is for 20% off and another for 30% off. So far I have only tried the Benefit products, the eye liner and the hair treatment. There are also feet wipes and a sunscreen sample in the box that I will eventually try out.

In the Benefit sample packet there are three different types of face cream. I love the eye cream! It reduces puffiness and under eye circles really well.  I loved it so much that I went ahead and ordered a full sized version.

The samples are small, but you only need to use a little bit of each product for it to work, so they are actually lasting me longer than I thought they would!

I also loved the Amika blow out spray. It makes my hair soft and smooth and it holds my style all day. Plus it has a great smell! This is another item that I will consider purchasing.

Getting the sample box is fun and something to look forward to each month. If I get bored with it I can cancel anytime. I may just try this one out for a few months then try something that gives nutritious snack samples or something else. I know there are other cheap boxes out there and there are also more expensive ones that will ship you wine and clothing. 

What kind of box would interest you? 

Hope you enjoyed my guest post and I hope to do more in the near future!


Mock family said...

Marla! Welcome, loved having you guest post!!! What an interesting concept, who doesn't love surprise gifts!!

Jen said...

Sounds fun! I never use any of the samples I get so this one probably isn't for me, but I've heard of a bunch of other ones like this.

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