Monday, August 12, 2013

New Kitten - Wookie

Well, we didn't quite plan on getting another kitty, but if you decide to just 'stop in' to pet the kitties as you're driving by an animal shelter, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to realize it could happen!

We were coming back from St Augustine and planned to take I95 home, but there was a backup due to a real long train, so we took US1 instead.  Since we would be driving right by the shelter, we figured we would stop in real quick.

It was about 30 mins until they closed on Saturday and I said it was getting close to closing time, but the wifey said let's go anyhow.  We walked in and they directed us to the first little glass door/window room on the left.  There were 3 black kitties roaming around.  Two of them had white collars which meant they were microchiped and that they had been at a recent adoption event together, but the other little guy didn't.

He was super friendly and had a loud purr and rubbed his nose in your face, just like our former black kitty Stinky.  The other two were kinda docile and quiet and didn't do much. We played with the one little guy for a while.

We then went into the big room where there were several older kitties in cages and 5 or so kittens running around on the floor.  They were real playful, but none of them really kept our attention.

As we were walking out of the big room, we were pulled back into the first little room by the little guy wanting more attention through the glass.  He was really attentive and you could tell he really liked us.  It was about 5 minutes to closing time and wifey said something about taking him home and I said noooo, we can't do that.  So wifey walked out of the room a bit sad and I stayed for a little longer. 

I really liked the little guy and I'm partial to black kitties since our buddy Stinky was such a good kitty and we still miss him a lot.  But I was thinking that we really shouldn't get another kitty and I thought since he didn't have the white collar, that he wasn't ready for adoption yet anyway, so that would save us from having to make any decisions.

By this time it was close to closing and the front desk guy was talking to the wifey and trying to convince us we needed to take him home.  So I mentioned that he is a great kitty, but he's not ready to go since he didn't have the white collar.  He said no, that's just so they can keep track of them and mentioned the other adoption event the other two were recently at and said, "oh he's all ready to go, he just needs to get neutered in a few weeks but he can go home with you right now". 

So that was that and away we went!  Now our kitty family is back to an even number and it's kinda freaky how much he is like Stinky was.  He rubs his wet nose on the side of your face, purrs real loud and will sleep right on your hand.

His name is Wookie because he was making a weird purr noise and sounded like Chewbacca from Star Wars.  We could almost call him Boogey, cause he has been sneezing and has lots of boogers (I know TMI), but we call Monkey boogey sometimes, so Wookie it is!  He is 4 months old and is all black, with a few stray white hairs here and there.  

He has a little cold/upper respiratory thing going on, but otherwise checked out well at the vet.  We're keeping him in our spare bedroom for a few days to slowly get him introduced to our other boys and also so they don't catch his cold thing.  And also cause he's a kitten and wants to get into everything!

So far it's been interesting.  We are really hoping that him and Monkey become friends, since Buddy and Sage are best friends and they team up and pick on Monkey all the time.  So far so good, Wookie is carefree and just kinda ignores the other guys when we let him out and he plays and does his own thing until he gets hissed at by Sage or bopped on the head by Buddy.

He wandered into the closet where Monkey was today and went right up and they touched noses almost and Monkey did not hiss or do anything, so I think Monkey is going to be the first one to warm up to him.  I think Buddy will be next, as it seems he wants to play with him until he gets close and it will take a bit of time for Sage.

Hoping by the weekend they'll be one big happy kitty family!

Here are lots of pics from the last few days....

Sniff sniff, what's that under the door?
Buddy on the other side
Listen up Wookie...I run the show around here, so back off!
Careful behind you, watch your back Wookie...
Laying on my arm
Go Bills!
He was so curious about the blinking lights on the laptop
Hmm, he seems ok I think...
This is funny.
Buddy does not usually snuggle too often, but he was hanging out today.
Buddy acts like he wants to play, just don't get too close.
So cute, but looks are deceiving.  This is right before Buddy bopped him on the head. 


Ginny said...

Looks like your family is complete! Can't wait to meet the cute little guy in a couple of weeks.

Mock family said...

Hi little guy

Jen S said...

Great photos! Those black shelter kitties have a way of sucking you in, don't they? Welcome, Wookie!

Jen said...

Such cute photos. I hope they warm up to each other soon.

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