Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Install iOS 7

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If you're wondering how to install iOS 7 on your Apple iDevices, check out this article on CNET. Here is a key feature breakdown and here is a post on "how to disable some of the most annoying features in iOS 7".  

The wifey tried option 1 last night, which is to go into Settings, General and choose the Software Update option, but it said her phone was at the latest version even thought it wasn't.  The CNET writer also said he had to try about 12 times before his over the air update worked.

If that version doesn't work just yet, you can try the iTunes route, which should work and should be a bit quicker.

Either way, be sure to fully backup your device first.  There is a link on how to do that at the top of the CNET article above.

I'm going to let the wifey update hers, while I wait a bit to see about a jailbreak for mine.  That will also give us some time to get used to things on one device while having the other as is.

Have you done the update?  What are your favorite features?  The GUI look/feel, the Control Center with easy access to WiFi on/off, a built-in flashlight and the proximity sharing app AirDrop?  Those are definitely features I'm looking forward to.  Let me know what you think!


Jen said...

I had an issue with storage when updating. Michelle and I both. It said we didn't have enough storage to update. We had no photos (b/c we just emptied them out) and we really don't have a lot of apps so that was annoying for us. I like the overall look at feel. It's pretty cool.

Chris said...

Yep, Marla had the same problem. I would if I tried also, because I have only 1GB free.

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