Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day After Halloween

The day after Halloween is probably a day of sugar highs for most, perhaps a candy hangover day for some, but for me I'm always glad it's over for another year! On Halloween day I always dread the thought of handing out the candy, even though the wifey does most of it and this year she did all of it.

Due to our cats being terrified/traumatized anytime the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door, we hang out in the driveway. Which is better anyway, cause two of our neighbors do the same thing, so it's the one day we actually hang out, chat, have a few drinks, etc. We always like to see all the cute little kids all dressed up, it's the older kids with no effort that are annoying. It always turns out to be fine and we end up having fun catching up with the neighbors, but it's just my least favorite holiday.

Last night it started early, around 6:20pm and it doesn't get dark until around 6:50pm here, but other than that we got our usually approx 100 peeps and I'd say less than 10 didn't have costumes, so it wasn't too bad. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and at around 8:10pm it was over.

On Facebook a few friends had a few late arrivals. One in Ontario, NY had someone come to the door at 9pm and the guy grabbed the entire candy bowl out of her hand and took the whole thing, bowl and all. She was not happy, to say the least. And another one in Greece NY had someone come to the door at 9:15pm after things had already been done for 30 mins. No such issues here, so no complaints.

I did end up having a mishap, but nothing to do with Halloween. I didn't get a chance to eat much dinner prior to the trick or treaters arriving, so I put on a pot of water to boil for some Raemen while I took out the garbage. In the minute it took to do that, I came back in to a bit of smoke coming from the stove. Apparently I turned on the wrong burner and the crock pot was sitting on that one and it melted one of the legs. Not a major issue, threw it outside with the garbage and opened up the windows and turned on all the fans, but whew, that smell just does not go away!

Luckily today is a regular work from home day, so I have all the windows open and some odor absorber air fresheners, baking soda containers out and lots of Febreze. It's nice and breezy and cooler out today, so that is helping a bunch. Hopefully it will be mostly gone by the time my mom and aunt arrive tomorrow!

And by the way, I've never been a huge chocolate fan. I'm more a gummy/sweet tart type guy. I like Dots, Sweet Tarts and things like Swedish Fish. So I always have a bag of Swedish fish for Halloween, in case we have leftovers, I will eat those. Everyone always tells me Snickers is the way to go, kids want chocolate stuff, blah blah blah...Well, we had kids that saw what was in the bowl last night and specifically asked if they could have Swedish Fish and said they love those and one of the neighbors also asked for some! So PSFT....not everyone wants Snickers, I think they're overrated since everyone probably has it ingrained that Snickers are the safe bet. I think I'll go have my first candy for the day and it will be Swedish Fish! Happy day after Halloween!

How did all your Halloween evening go? Any interesting stories to report?


Jen said...

I do also love swedish fish. I didn't see that when I was buying my candy. I do love the snickers so I always have those, but then I get the nerds, sweet tart bag as a mix.

Chris said...

Yum, we had a Nerd/SweetTart bag as well, but SOMEONE brought it all to work today?! No fair.

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