Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend we got a bit of a cold front.  Although, it is nothing like I've seen from friends in the North East that have been without power, tree limbs down, bad snow storm, etc.   Our temps dropped from the 70s/80s to high 60s and mid 40s for lows.  No complaints here, it feels great in the sun.  I grabbed a few pictures from NE news sites, it's crazy up there in areas like Albany, Boston, much of Pennsylvania, etc.  Way too early for that crap. 


My mom and aunt arrive Wednesday of this week and are staying for a week, sorta.  They head to Tallahassee Friday-Sunday evening to visit their sister.  I'd say they were behind this cold weather, as usually my mom does bring bad weather with her, but on Thursday it starts to warm back up into the mid 70s and low 80s, so that will be good.

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  We went out with friends to our favorite Italian place Enza's and the owner helped bring out our food and remembered we had been there a few weeks ago and remembered what I had and she must have seen that I wrote a good review either on their Facebook or Urban Spoon/Yelp and gave us one of our desserts for free.  That is such a rare thing to have such good food, great service from all of the wait staff and go the additional mile to have the owner come around and greet everyone.  And prices are good as well.  We'll definitely be back again soon.

Then we spent most of Sunday deep cleaning.  With 4 kitties there will always be a tumble weed or two of kitty hair that will decide to roll by even after a good cleanup.  Other than that we watched a little bit of the Georgia Southern football game, unfortunately they didn't win and the wifey let me out to go watch the Buffalo Bills shutout the Redskins 23-0!  Woot!  And the Patriots lost to the Steelers, so it was a great day all around.  And to top it off, Gators lost and Tebow sucked up the joint, so tomorrow we won't have to hear about how great Tebow is and all that at work tomorrow.  I want to see him succeed like everyone else, but it will take time.  

This week a friend of mine that I worked with at my last job starts as a contractor with my group in my current job, so that will be fun.  It's funny, one of our other friends that worked at Bank of America just took a job on Friday back at where we both first worked, so lots of people moving around.  It's a small IT community here, so lots of people bounce around from place to place.

But that's about it...Have a great start to the week and Happy Halloween!


Jen said...

Man, that snow looks COOOOLD! Have fun with Mom!!

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