Monday, March 26, 2012

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space was released for Android and iOS on Thursday March 22nd and it's become quite popular, as you would expect.  This one is quite different from previous versions such as Angry Birds Seasons and Rio, which just contained new levels, different backdrops and a few new characters. 

This one is all new and since it takes place in space, they introduced gravity and a lack of gravity to the mix.  When you fling a bird in space, it will travel in a straight line, however as you approach the gravitational pull of a nearby planet, gravity will pull you in on an angle.  You may also have to utilize asteroids and other items in space to help you complete a level.  

You start out in zero gravity...

...and as you get close to the planet, gravity pulls you in
You may also have to utilize other objects to take out the pigs...

It's good to see that they're keeping things fresh and not just spinning out some new levels and graphics this time around.  I have to say, I probably haven't played any of the Angry Birds in at least 6 months or more, but this one I will probably put in the regular rotation. 

It's definitely worth checking out and there are several versions available.  Android has a free ad-supported version, 99 cent no-ad version and an HD version for 2.99.  For iOS it is 99 cents and there are also other versions for iPad, Windows and Mac. 

Angry Birds Space Versions:   iPhone    iPad    Android    Mac   Windows


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