Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heading to See Our Nephew Max!

Our new little nephew Max is about a month and a half old now and we get to see him this weekend!  Can't wait to see the little guy and of course Jen, David and Molly too!  We've been warned to bring earplugs, the little guy has some great lungs apparently and isn't afraid to let everyone could that possibly be, he always looks so happy!  :o)  See ya soon Max!

Yep, I'm 1 month, not sure what that means though.

Looks like he's ready for action!

Just hangin' around...

Uh oh, Angry Bird alert...FEED ME
But I bet he'll just be dancing in his sleep he'll be so excited to see us! 
What?!  Who's coming to see me?!  Chris and Marla?!  YAY!


Mock family said...

yay baby max trip!

Jen said...

He can't wait to see you! And of course get ready for a Molly freak out, she's ready too!

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