Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Draw Something Free Phone Game

I didn't intend to do 2 posts in a row about SmartPhone games, but when I came into work on Monday there was a buzz about a game called Draw Something Free.  Apparently it's the top free app currently with over 10 million downloads?!  Where have I been?  Not sure how I missed that one. 

It is similar to Pictionary, without most of the embarrassment of having to stand up and draw things in front of a group of other people!  You play with other people online, similar to Words With Friends. 

You sign up with either email or Facebook or possibly both and then you can start games with your friends or random opponents.  They will give you a list of 3 words to choose from and you start drawing. 

One thing I learned after doing my first drawing, is that the person on the other end sees everything you do when it is their turn.  So if you start out drawing something, decide to erase it and then start over, they'll see all of that.

All in all it's pretty cool so far.  I draw TERRIBLY and don't think I'm a real good guesser either, but I will give it a try.  I'm not sure how it is on battery life or anything like that, but with over 10 million downloads, I'd have to assume it functions well enough to give it a try.

Free for both iPhone and Android.


Jen said...

we're all playing! davids most addicted playing like 20people, I suck at it.

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