Monday, March 12, 2012

Catty Shack Ranch

We finally made it out to the Catty Shack Ranch this weekend.  They give life long homes to rescued cats, not house cats, BIG kitties.  For a $10 donation you get a walking tour of their outdoor facility, which takes about an hour to 90 minutes.  When the tour is done, you're free to wander around on your own on the way back.  All the $ they raise goes directly to care for the big cats. 

Normally they're open one weekend day per week, but the past few weekends they've been open Saturday and Sunday afternoon to raise $ and show off their five new baby tiger cubs.  Three were born on Dec 9th from one litter and two on Nov 25th from another litter.  The cubs were rescued from a facility that could no longer care for them.  Two of them were out the afternoon we were there and of course they were super cute. 

All of the big cats are nocturnal, so many of them were sleeping/resting.  On the way back through, several were moving around and I even caught one cougar meowing on video and of course got a video of the tiger cubs playing.  If you're in the area, it is definitely worth a visit!!

They also recommend checking out one of their every other Friday evening feedings.  They're open on that day from 6-8:30pm and they feed all the animals at 7:30pm, admission is $15 for the feeding.  They say you'll get to see their "wild side" and there will be plenty or roaring.  We've seen a tiger feeding at another big cat rescue facility in town and you definitely get an appreciation for the power and raw animal instincts still alive and well in these docile looking big cats.  Check out the pictures and videos below for some of the highlights from this past weekend.  

Entrance to the Catty Shack Ranch
How freakin cute is this?!  Not mates though. Father on the left, daughter on the right.
Wazzzzzzup Cougar?

King of the Jungle
Serious cat, he's freakin serious!
This one was active on the way out. 
Come play with me.
So cute.
They were super playful.


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