Monday, October 8, 2012

iPhone 5 - 2 Week Review

It has now been just over 2 weeks since we got the new iPhone 5 and I wanted to provide a quick update to my newbie review

So far so good, the only con that continued for me so far is the battery life, but I found a "fix".  I've been following a thread on the Apple website of folks complaining of battery life issues.  Lots offer suggestions such as resetting all of your settings to factory defaults, turning off various location services and push notifications for programs like email/Facebook, or last ditch efforts such as wiping the phone and starting over. If you're wanting to try to increase your battery life, here is a post detailing several of those methods. 

For me, what seemed to make the biggest improvement was turning off LTE/4G.  Some might say, "but that defeats the purpose of upgrading" and I would tend to agree if that was one of the main factors in your decision making process.  But I view that as a temporary fix to a problem that will most likely be resolved soon via software update.  Since we pre-ordered and the phone is brand new, we expected some potential issues upfront. 

If I truly need the additional speed of LTE and I am not in WiFi range, I will certainly turn on LTE, but for the most part if I'm doing anything data intensive I want to be on WiFi anyway, so it isn't a big deal for me at this point in time. 

Other than that, we're really liking the new phone.  I've been playing a few fun games like Paper Toss Friends, where you challenge friends or random people to tossing paper, or any number of other items such as a frisbee, magic 8 ball, football, or even a hand grenade into a waste paper basket.  It is really fun.  I played the original on Android all the time, but that one didn't have the ability to play against other people.

Some other cool apps/games of mention are:  Evernote, Matching with Friends Free, Where's My Water/Perry Free.  If you're new to the iPhone/iOS or just want to learn a few new tricks, definitely get the app called Tips for iPhone - Tricks and Secrets.  We've learned a bunch from that app!

We also really like the iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5 screen protectors that I mentioned in a post last week.  The cases look great, fit snug, are inexpensive and seem like they would protect from a fall very well. 

How has your experience been so far for those that have upgraded to the iPhone 5?  Any recommended apps/games to share? 


mobi ritz said...

Yes the battery life is the big issue and you shared a thread which has really good and full information about it.

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