Friday, October 26, 2012

Visit From Max!

Sorry for the delay, it is so much more difficult to blog now that we're at the beach. 

Speaking of the beach, Max, Jen, David and my Mom came out for a visit this past weekend for the Air Show and we were so glad they all came!  Of course Max was the star of the show.  I saw him about a month and a half prior over Labor Day weekend, but he advanced quite a bit since then!

He is sleeping through the night very well now.  He goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 7.  Pretty impressive and such a welcome change for Jen and the crew. 

He is such a happy boy and loves zooming around and chasing people, cats or whatever in his car.  Glad we got him that, it's his favorite toy from what we have heard!

This was his first trip to the beach and the first overnight visitors we have had and it was a big success in my book, because it was great to see how aware Max has become in such a short time.  He is fully crawling, sits up like a champ and definitely likes to play, grab and even pulled himself up to stand a time or two.  He loves to hear himself talk/make noises and it's quite entertaining. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the visit.  Check out Jen's post from the visit and her 8 month post as well.  Can never get enough Max pics!  :o) 

Such a happy boy!
Wanting to share his snack lid with Monkey, Monkey was such a good boy!
Mom gazing out to the fountain at Pussers Caribbean Grill
Max's first moments on the beach. He liked it a lot, come on back Max!
Max staring out at the ocean.
Here you go, have some sand from Max!
Playing with his truck under the shade of the umbrella.
Being a good boy while we enjoyed some Mexican food/drinks.
Jen/David and Max
The wifey Marla and Max
Me and Max, such a great pic!  As Jen said, so fun yet mischievous!

 Max playing with Monkey, he was so good.

Zooming and talking.

And if you didn't notice, the shirt says I had fun with my
Aunt and Uncle in Jacksonville Beach.  And he definitely did!
We got him the shirt and swim trunks of course.

Y'all come on back now, ya here?!!

Can't wait for our niece Hadley to arrive!  My sister
Michelle is due around mid November.  More fun times ahead!


Jen said...

Such a fun time! Max definitely enjoyed the trip as much as we did. Thanks for the hospitality. The last 3 pics starting with Max playing with Monkey aren't showing up for some reason.

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