Monday, January 31, 2011

More Angry Birds!

Who's excited for some new Angry Birds!!! ME ME ME...I finished the regular Angry Birds game and was a little bummed out, but much to my surprise two new versions are underway!

There will be a Valentines Day addition to the Holiday version and there is an all new Rio Angry Birds version which has ties to an upcoming Century Fox Animate Movie entitled Rio. The game will be coming out in March and the movie will be coming out April 15th.

Check out the trailer from the Angry Birds Rio game and info about the Rio movie. Woot!

Some other games I play pretty often are Euchre, Paper Toss, Slice It and Mouse Trap. I grabbed 'Play! Curling' today, which is the Canadian Curling game you might have seen in the Olympics. Good stuff!

What are your favorite phone games?


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