Thursday, January 27, 2011


When it comes to motivation, every person is different. What motivates me might be of no interest to you or vice versa. I came up with a plan to motivate the wife and I to do cardio more often. It was a simple plan, you earn $2.50 per mile and can do what you want with that $.

After getting further along in the Dave Ramsey plan and with the holiday season in full swing, the idea of giving more came up. It got me thinking about my cash per mile idea. I decided to bump it up to $3 per mile, but 50% of it was to go towards whatever charitable cause we would like.

In reality, if we need something we usually buy it and for the most part, we don't regularly buy all that much. If there is something big we'll talk it over, do the research and make sure we have the $ to pay for it and do it up.

So the likelihood that I'll actually use 1/2 of the $ from my cardio to purchase something is probably small. More than likely 100% of the $ will go towards whatever cause motivates us personally. As the saying goes it's a win-win! So far I've got 15.7 miles in Dec and 14.1 in Jan, so about 30 total. Not a bad start.

What do you use as motivators and for what?


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