Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture Pages - Pets

Here are some pictures of our boys...

Sage aka Doodie
Sage as a kitten

He used to hide in the sink when he was scared or bad or both

Zonked out!

Favorite from '02, Poker doing the old hand on the head trick to kitten Monkey

A few years later, best buddies

Posing for the camera....
Not amused, but taking it pretty well as always!

Sleeping in the sun, his favorite place to be....

Best buddies!

Monkey as a kitten...

Telecommute day lap Monkey

Ball fetcher and bug catcher

All 4 of them together...
Behaving for a minute or two, trying to keep warm on a cold day

Unfortunately, since this post was originally created our elder kitties Poker and Stinky went to the Rainbow Bridge.  They're playing together as we speak I'm sure!

It wasn't too longer afterwards, that we ended up with two new boys.  Four seems to be the magic number, since even with no plans to add more we end up with four.   

Our newest edition, Buddy!

And new kitten Wookie!


Mock family said...

Cute little things :)

Ginny said...

My grand kitties - I love them!

Jen S said...

Awww sweet babies :)

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