Friday, January 14, 2011

Saving Money Online

If you're like me, you always search for deals, especially when buying online. Coupons and/or promotional codes are a must. There are a ton of sites that offer coupon codes, some are definitely better than others. I usually just search Google for 'Kohls coupon codes', for example, and several sites always come up towards the top.

The one I have the most luck with is Retail Me Not, usually followed by Deal Catcher and Tech Bargains. But I'll also click a few more just to make sure I'm getting the best % off deal. You don't have to type their address directly, Google search works fine. Kohls for example almost always at least 15% off and sometimes they allow you to stack more than one coupon.

In addition, I'll usually go directly to two other sites, and They are great places to search for deals on specific items, but you can also search there for coupon codes and general discounts as well. They have great forums on specific topics like Travel Discounts, Laptops, a Hot Deals section, etc.

In addition, FatWallet is great because they have a Cash Back section. You just go to their site, sign up for a free account and if you plan to purchase anything from a particular store, check their Cash Back section to see if they have that particular online site listed. Most are on there. And most times you can use any online coupon codes in addition to the cash back.

For example, they currently have 5% cash back for the Disney Store. To get 5% cash back, first I recommend you use Internet Explorer, even though I prefer FireFox. IE works better with FatWallet and be sure to enable pop-ups for FatWallet prior or when prompted. Then login to your FatWallet account, click on the Cash Back section, go to the Disney Store and click on Shop Now. If it worked right, you will get a pop-up window saying that you're on your way to getting cash back.

That pop-up window needs to be open to get the cash back. You can minimize that window, but do not close it. Then make any purchases as you normally would and that's it! After your purchase is confirmed, which usually takes less than a few weeks, the 5% cash will show up in your FatWallet account. You can request the $ at any time and there is no minimum if you want it deposited with a Pay Pal account. If you want them to send you a check, there is a $10 minimum. I use the Pay Pal option and it works great.

Just one more way to save a few extra $$'s! It looks like a few others are out there also offering cash back, including Ebates and Check em all out and see which one works best for you!

What tips/tricks do you have to save $ when shopping/conducting business online?


Mock family said...

good looking out for the Turbo Tax one! will have to try that... prob. next weekend, gotta do it before james departs

Chris said...

I think due to new tax laws they won't be ready until like 2nd week in Feb I think I read somewhere. But should be able to put all info in now. Will find out.

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