Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Fall TV Lineup

The Fall TV lineup is upon us!   This TV Guide page has a good day by day chart of which shows are on each night for the major networks.  Here is a quick breakdown of the shows we plan to check out or DVR, with Monday/Wednesday/Thursday being the main nights.  We saw Up All Night last week, the new show with Christina Applegate about how a couple handles their new baby and it was decent.  Was hoping for a bit more, but it may be good once it gets going.  I wasn't too excited about Free Agents, but I'll give it another try. 

8pm  How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
8:30pm  2 Broke Girls (CBS)
9pm  2 1/2 Men (CBS)
9:30pm  Mike and Molly
10pm  Playboy Club (NBC)

8pm  Last Man Standing (ABC)
8:30pm  Man Up (ABC)
9pm  New Girl? (FOX)

8pm  The Middle (ABC) and Up All Night (NBC)
8:30pm  Suburgatory (ABC) and possibly Free Agents (NBC)
9pm  Modern Family (ABC)
9:30pm  Happy Endings (ABC)
10pm  American Horror Story? (FX)

8pm  Big Bang Theory (CBS)
8:30pm  How to Be A Gentleman? (CBS)
9pm  The Office (NBC)
9:30pm  Whitney (NBC)
10pm  Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
10:30pm  The League (Oct 6th FX)

8pm  Kitchen Nightmares maybe (FOX)

8pm  Rules of Engagement (CBS)  No idea why they put this on Saturday?!

8pm  Simpsons (FOX) or maybe Once Upon a Time (ABC)
8:30pm  Allen Gregory? (FOX)
9pm  Family Guy (FOX)
10pm  Pan Am?  (ABC)

Which new or returning shows are you looking most forward too?


Jen said...

I was wondering where rules of engagement went! Weird? I have a bunch more that I don't feel like writing out, but I am excited!

Mock family said...

I feel the same way about the two shows you reviewed and I actually can't stand rules of engagement anymore, they're probably phasing it out....

Chris said...

Yep, kiss of death moving it to Saturday.

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