Thursday, September 1, 2011

Latest Cool Smartphone Games

I like to highlight Smartphone games/apps from time to time and the latest games I've been playing on the phone are Dragon, Fly! and Diversion.  I also came across 2 different Skee-Ball type games that are pretty cool also!

Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly for Android 
Tiny Wings for iPhone

Dragon, Fly is mentioned on lots of reviews as a similar/better version of a popular game for iPhone called Tiny Wings.  Basically you control a small dragon and make them swoop down on hills from the air to pick up speed, grab some items and complete a few goals on each level to get to the next level before the big momma dragon catches up to you.  It's a relatively simple game concept, but it's also a challenge to complete the goals, which will keep you coming back for more.  I've been playing that on and off for two weeks and so far so good. 


Check out the quick promo video to see what it's all about.  It's available for both iPhone and Android.  It's a side scroller, similar to how Super Mario Brothers works, except like most side scrollers on phones, your character automatically moves towards the right and you have to jump/slide/climb/fly your way thought the course.  It's by far the best side scroller I've played on the phone and definitely worth trying out!

Diversion for Android 
Diversion for iPhone 

Ball-Hop Bowling (Skee Ball)


Not quite sure why they chose Ball-Hop Bowling for a name, but I'm guessing the name Skee Ball is probably copyrighted/trademarked or something similar.  It's a free game for both Android and iPhone which is worth a try for that reason alone.  Who doesn't like to play Skee Ball right?  But from what I've read, if you want to progress much further than the main table/balls, you would have to pay for upgrades.  The physics of the game are just ok.  I've played another version of Skee Ball on Android called Roller Lite and that one actually has much better physics where you can adjust the sentitivity of the throwing motion of the ball to make it act exactly as you would expect.  That one is free also and I'd definitely recommend that game instead on the Android platform, but it's also at least worth trying Ball-Hop Bowling on the iPhone. 

Ball-Hop Bowling (Skee Ball) for iPhone
Ball-Hop Bowling (Skee Ball) for Android
Roller Lite for Android

Beer Pong HD

I also came across Beer Pong HD for Android yesterday.  It had great ratings and I just played a game and it is pretty fun!  The graphics are great, the physics of the ball tossing seems pretty accurate and the game has funny voices either ripping on you for missing or just making funny comments.  I also included a link to an iPhone Beer Pong game as well, but it's not from the same makers, so can't vouch for that one.

Beer Pong HD for Android
Beer Pong for iPhone

All in all, a good selection of games today!  Let me know how you like them and as always, leave me a comment if you have any you'd like me to check out.  Enjoy!


Jen said...

I am liking how you choose a free game as well. I was hoping that first dragon game was free. It looks interesting. I have purchased 1 game (the game of life) and I play it at least twice a day.

Chris said...

Yeah, all of them listed above are free on Android. Game of Life sounds fun, will have to see if they have that for Android...They didn't last time I checked...

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