Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buffalo Bills Beat The Patriots (contd.)

If you know me well, you're probably aware I've been on a natural high since Sunday 9/25/2011.  THE DAY THE BILLS BEAT THE PATRIOTS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2003!  Sorry, you'll have to bear with me for one more post or ignore my post today.  I know it's a little excessive, but if you've been a die-hard Bills fan for over 20 years, you understand.

I can only say that this must be what it feels like to win the Super Bowl, not knowing what that feels like.  The Patriots are WERE the best team in our division, the AFC East, which is comprised of the Bills, Patriots, Jets and Dolphins.  The Patriots, specifically Tom Brady (QB) and Bill Belichick (Coach), are the faces of the team and as such are the MOST ANNOYING TWO PEOPLE ON THE PLANET to me when it comes to football.  They've won so many games and to me have such an arrogance to them, that you just wish that someone would inflict serious bodily harm on them!  Not like life ending pain, just enough so that they can't play or coach for quite a while so the Bills can win lots and lots!

The Bills play each team in our division 2x throughout the year, so that's a whole lot of times between 2003 and 2011 that we've played them and lost every single time.  That was 15 consecutive losses.  That's a whole lot of years to build up a whole lot of resentment.  Well all that is gone for 1 week!

And go figure, we didn't even need to hire any hitmen!  We beat them on our own!  So it brings me GREAT pleasure to present a picture of each of them, reacting to the loss that either had just happened (Brady) or was about to happen (Belichick).  You never know what each week is going to bring, so I'm enjoying the win to the fullest this entire week! 

Suck it Brady!

Yep, you're about to lose!  Suck it also!

Hopefully we win a ton more games and take the division by storm!  We play the Patriots again, but not until the LAST game of the season and boy are they gonna be pissed off! 

Lindell with the winning field goal!

Great article about Bills fans coming together from all over the place, just like our local Bills Backers!

Check out some of the great videos from all over the country of the win, I'll highlight my favorites:

Reaction from the Stadium!

Fort Worth Texas

ATL in the hause, shirts are coming off!


Denver Colorado

And of course my all time favorite, cause I was there and it captured the moment perfectly...

And for anyone that watches the games at home, here's the Shout song!  Be sure to play it every time they score and run around the house like a crazy person!  Go Bills!!


Jen S said...

Hahaha "Suck it also". Too funny. Anytime Brady's face showed up on the TV screen, people flipped the bird. He's not liked very much!

Also, when the Bills thought they had a touchdown, but it got taken away, did your bar cheer? Everyone cheered at LODOs because it meant more time for the Bills to have the ball without turning it over. Weird reaction!

Chris said...

It took a bit to sink in that it was a good thing he didn't get the TD. As soon as we saw it on the replay and saw how much time was left, we knew that was a much better situation, but that wasn't the reaction initially. Every time I see Brady or Bill on the TV I flip them off too, but now I just laugh at them and say HAHA, how does it feel now?!?! ;)

Jen said...

Haha you guys are hilarious. So funny, way to represent ATL. I was wondering if there were going to be any shirts coming off!

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