Monday, September 26, 2011

Buffalo Bills Beat the Patriots!

I can't quite get over the fact that the Bills beat the Patriots for the first time since 2003!  What a great game yesterday and a great day to hang with the Buffalo Bills Backers of Jacksonville!  Luckily we got there early, as there were no seats available by the time the game started.  It's such a great group of people and you really feel right at home and it's as if you're at an actual game, except no lines for the bathroom, no excessive prices for drinks and no lines heading out afterward!

If you're away from the Western NY area and a Bills Fan, find your closest Bills Backers group here!

Great win, great day and to top it off Miami is 0-3 and the Jets lost to the Raiders...I'm going to enjoy sole possession of first place in the AFC East this week!  Man it feels good to get that monkey off our back and beat them &%$* Patriots!  Billieve!

Check out some videos the wifey and I took of the win below.  I love the wifey's video, which is the second one.  You can hear the crowd quiet down just prior to the winning field goal and then PANDEMONIUM sets in.  I've watched that video about 10 times and I'm about to watch it again!  So awesome!

Also, check out the blog post from fellow Blogger Jen S and her video with the Bills Backers of Denver Colorado....great times all around!  



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