Thursday, September 29, 2011

You'll Freak Over the New Facebook Update Coming

Check out this article on CNN describing the new Facebook Timeline option that is coming to your profile very soon and how people will revolt when that happens.  I agree with the article, since I did the trick I posted about Tuesday where you can preview the new Facebook Timeline setup ahead of time.

On my profile page it tells me that I will be converted to the new format this Sunday, whether I like it or not and it is SO different that I really don't like it just for that reason alone.   I don't have the time to go through, redesign the whole profile, formatting things, removing things I don't like, adding things, etc.  So I'm fully expecting to be completely pissed off come Sunday. 

I'm not sure of their schedule of rolling it out to everyone else, but once that starts I can DEFINITELY see a revolt/boycott happening.  At first glance it looks WAY too different than the existing setup and for general casual users that either don't post often or just lurk around, I think that might even cause them to reject the new setup altogether, no longer logging in or at least not as often. 

Since there is an alternative out there in Google+, they have to be careful not to alienate their existing userbase too much, as they may just up and leave.  I have a feeling Facebook will back off a bit on all of the changes, or at least delay the force cutover quite a while. 

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds, but I have a feeling it won't go over very well...will see how it goes!


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