Monday, October 10, 2011

Recap of Last Week

Having the week off from blogging felt good, but I'm ready to get back at it.  Unfortunately, the extra free time did not cause me to study more for the class I'm taking for work a week from today.  I was thinking that the blog was taking up a bunch of my time, preventing me from reading up on things, but nope.  At least I eliminated the blog a cause of my lack of progress.  And I did study a decent amount over the weekend thanks to the yucky Noreaster bringing us clouds, rain and wind all weekend.  It was a nice change in the weather. 

A few things happened this week, we attended the 3 Doors Down / Theory of a Deadman concert at the St Augustine Amphitheater, both very good bands.  It is a nice smaller outdoor venue, about 3800 total seating capacity and the weather was real nice, breezy and cool and it wasn't overly crowded.  We won tickets by responding to an email from Sirius/XM saying that tickets are available on a first respond first service basis.  I responded right away and the tickets were overnighted on Monday.  Good show, easy parking/entry/exit out of the event and all was well. Since it wasn't crowded in the back sections where we were, we just moved around to better seats more in the center and had most of the section to ourselves.  Fun times.  

We also had the announcement of the new iPhone 4s last week.  Unfortunately for many, it wasn't the iPhone 5 they were expecting.  Everything on the outside looks exactly the same, but there are some new goodies inside.  The main things are a faster dual-core processor, higher resolution camera, longer battery life and larger storage capacity is available for a price.  See the chart below for the comparison.  Software wise they added a voice recognition system called Siri.

But when all is said and done, the consensus online was that it was a bit of a let down.  If your existing iPhone 3GS or older model was on it's way out, this would probably be a worthy upgrade, but otherwise if you're in no rush, you could wait until sometime in 2012 for the iPhone 5, which would most likely contain more bells and whistles.  A guy at work's wife was wanting to get an iPhone and was waiting for the announcement.  With the 4S not being all that much better for most users, he's probably going to go with the cheaper iPhone 4 at $99 and I suspect many who do not currently have an iPhone but want one may do the same. 

And of course we had the passing of Steve Jobs Wednesday night.  His innovative nature will be missed in ways we probably will never know.  From the invention of the mouse, to revolutionizing the music industry and successfully introducing touch screen tablets and Smart Phones, he made quite an impact.  While I don't personally have any Apple products except for a free iPod shuffle from way back in the day, I respect the work he did and am grateful for the contributions he made in the short time he was here.  He'll be missed.


Jen said...

Welcome back! Nice recap. I am agreeing with your thoughts on the new iphone. I will be keeping my 4G until something a bit more exciting comes out. You need to get you some apple products. They are awesome. My macbook laptop has far exceeded my expectations already.

Chris said...

I really don't have a desire to own one. I really like that just about everything is free for Android, so unless the iPhone adds something that an Android phone doesn't have, no real desire there. And some financial software I use for trading does not run on Mac and rigging it to work via Mac just to have a Mac doesn't interest me. As the saying goes, I guess I'm a PC, not a Mac. I had an Apple IIe computer back in the day though.

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