Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ticketmaster Interactive Seat Selector

If you haven't been on in a while, you might be surprised at the changes if you're in a City where you can now pick your seats at various venues around town!  We've been on there a bunch lately and noticed they just added that ability here in Jacksonville about 2 weeks ago.  I was getting tickets to Jeff Dunham and about 30 minutes after I got our tickets, that system went live. 

I just happened to check back to see how quickly tickets were selling and that second time I went in, I could have picked the actual seats I wanted, as opposed to just being able to pick best available when I did it just as they went on sale.  I was a little bummed out, but either way the tickets were still floor seats, I just like the idea that I could have picked the exact seats.  I usually prefer aisle seats, so that is a really cool feature since normally you'd have to call or go in person to do that. 

It's odd though.  I just checked and found several events at our Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and several had the interactive seat selector option and several did not.  Everbank Field, where the Jacksonville Jaguars play, also has the pick your own seat option for all the games.  So I guess it depends on the venue and the event, but I for one think it's a big step forward.  Finally we get something 'convenient' for that insanely high convenience charge we've been charged for as long as they've been in business. 

If you're wondering, upcoming events we'll be attending are:

Buffalo Sabres vs Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa in a little over a week; Go Sabres!
Queensryche in November
Jeff Dunham in Feb
Cirque du Soleil - Michael Jackson in March

Here's what it looks like if you don't have it enabled yet:

What do you think?  Would that make you any more likely to want to go to an event? 


Mock family said...

I'd go to any event that came here!! LOL that's pretty cool though

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