Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tampa Weekend Recap 2

We got up Sunday and noticed two new cruise ships in port, the Norwegian Star and Carnival Legend.  We were not aware there was more than 1 cruise ship that departs out of Tampa, so that was fun.  We could see them from the room, but we weren't sure which ships they were, so we decided to have breakfast and walk down there to check them out.  We then took a walk from there over to Harbour Island, which was just a short walk over a bridge from the Channel Side area where the cruise ships were.  It was a nice walk, we took a few pictures along the way:

Norwegian Star view from the room
Carnival Legend view from the River Walk

Norwegian Star from up close, lots of balconies

Norwegian Star

View of Marriott/Embassy Suites from the bridge

Harbour Island

Carnival Legend from Harbour Island bridge

A restaurant called Jackson's Bistro

Replica pirate ship


In front of the hotel

After our long walk, it was just about noon and time to check out.  We had built up a bit of an appetite on what I think was a bit over a 2 mile walk and we were now ready for The Taco Bus!  We had heard about it from some friends that went recently and also saw it either on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and/or recently on Man vs Food.  It is really good stuff!  Well worth it! 

The Taco Bus

Other side of the bus

One Pollo Verde and one Fish taco, rice and beans

Chips and fresh Guac

We then headed down the road towards I4 to head home.  Just prior to I4 we passed the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and decided to turn around and check it out.  I knew that was in the area, but never really knew exactly where it was.  Parking is free and the casino is actually pretty large.  We spent about an hour there, the wifey played some slots and I played some electronic roulette and unfortunately did not come out winners, but it was cool to check it out.  Too bad Casinos aren't smoke free though. 

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

The check in desk

Cool looking guitar

One of the bars with cool flickering flames on the wall

We then hit I4 and headed back home.  It was fun to just kinda wing-it on the way home and cool to have stumbled upon the Hard Rock unexpectedly.  It's great to have so many things to do within a 3 hour drive.  We were real close to stopping at Downtown Disney as we drove by, as Mickey was calling the wifey's name, but decided to keep on going to get back in time to do the lawn mowing, school work, etc. 

It was a fun, action filled 24 hours and we're looking forward to our return to the Tampa beaches area for Thanksgiving!


Jen said...

Looks like a great, fun, quick trip! Now I'd like some tacos.

Marla said...

Oh I could really go for those tacos NOW!! :) Soooo yummy.......

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