Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well, it was a picture perfect weekend weather wise!  Low 80s for a high, mid 50s for lows and clear blue skies!  We headed to our favorite restaurant, La Nopalera Friday night, hit up the beach on Saturday and hung out with our fellow Buffalo Bills Backers on Sunday.  Good times! 

I also did a bunch of prep work over the weekend for the training class I will be in this week and due to that class and the studying I'll need to do in the evenings, probably won't get to updating the blog much this week.  I should have planned my blog vacation this week instead of 2 weeks ago, but wasn't thinking ahead. 

If you don't hear back from me, have a swell week!  This coming weekend we're heading to Tampa to watch the Buffalo Sabres play the Tampa Bay Lightning!  Lots of the Bills Backers will also be making the trip and a bunch are in the section next to us and a few in the row in front of us, so should be a great time! Here's the view from the section just to the left of where we will be.  We decided to go with the good seats, since this is the only game we'll be going to this year.  Go Sabres!


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