Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Brother 13 Premiere!

This is my Thursday morning blog post, but had to post it early cause my sisters were jumping the gun and checking out stuff on their own that is posted in my blog so had to post it early!  :o)

There's your new cast for Season 13 of Big Brother!  In case you aren't aware, the new season starts tonight on CBS at 9pm and goes to 10pm.  We've watched every season religiously since it started and this will be no exception.  It used to be that nothing new was on during the summer, so you were excited for that reason alone, but now that we've watched consistently, we look forward to it every year.  It's a family thing also, my mom, both sisters and wifey all are into it and once the controversy gets going, which doesn't take long, we have many family chats online about the latest happenings.

It's pretty much the same format every year, a bunch of people live in a house together and someone wins a competition and becomes Head of Household.  Then they nominate 2 people to be evicted.  Those two people and a few others can then compete in a competition to win the Power of Veto.  If one of the people slated to be evicted wins, they can take themselves off the block and the Head of Household has to nominate someone else in their place.  Then the group votes who they want to leave.  That's basically how it works, but the motto of the show is to "expect the unexpected", so there are always slight variations along the way to stir things up.

This year it looks like the main twist is that one or more of the famous duos from prior Big Brother seasons will be entering the house to compete with this year's crew.  I was initially thinking it was one group of two, but after watching some of the preview videos on the Big Brother Facebook page, it sounds like it will be more than one.  I also took a look at prior Big Brother seasons on Wikipedia and the last three both had 13 people and there are 8 new members for this year, so it will probably be at least two I'm thinking.  Other years had as high as 16, so who knows.  This video clip also says there are 3 twists this year, should be interesting as always!

Right now Jeff and Jordan have the lead in votes of who people THINK will enter the house with 33%, however the vote has nothing to do with who actually will be coming back.    I hope it's anyone BUT Brendon/Rachel and Jessie/Natalie.  I can't stand Jessie and the other two, so they'll probably bring back both those couples just to piss me off.  Hope not, it would be tough to watch with those 3 on there, but I'm sure we'd still do it anyway. 

Based strictly on the pictures above alone, I think the guy in the lower left will be the strongest player.  After just watching this video,which shows each of the players above for a few seconds, I still agree.  How long he'll make it, who knows, but he seems likable with a big game plan.  We'll see if my 5 second first impression holds up. Of the two rather attractive females, I think the model on the upper row will prove not so smart.  In her quick few seconds in the video she said that she had a lot going on upstairs in addition to her looks.  Anyone who says they have a lot going on upstairs probably doesn't.  

Here are a few individual interviews with new cast members. 

Just talking about the players and trying to figure things out already has got me psyched and ready for the season!  What are your first impressions of the players?  If you had to pick one person to do well, who would it be and why?  Any party plans for the premiere?  Bring it on!

P.S.  Happy Anniversary to my sister Michelle and her husband James!!

P.S.S.  Looks like my original prediction was WAY off.  The guy I picked to win it was the first one evicted. Heh.... 


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