Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wifey Out of Town

Today I dropped the wifey off at the airport on the way to work for her Thurs-Sunday getaway to visit her sister in Albany, NY.  She was originally going to go to her 20 year High School reunion, but turns out they did not have enough people wanting to pony up the cash for the event and it was canceled for the first time in school history, but what can you do.  That worked out well, because she's been wanting to head up to see her sister and this provided a perfect opportunity.

She has plans to go to Lake George and Dinosaur BBQ and plans to enjoy the lack of humidity and cooler temperatures!

This is only the second time she's gone away somewhere without me, the last time was for a day/night to visit a friend at Epcot.  Sooooo....Party time?  Excellent?! 

First off, food...As most of you know, the wifey is the cook, end of story.  I'm a terrible cook, or at least lack the motivation to cook.  So for sure I'll probably be having pasta with sauce and meatballs (that I can do, they're frozen meatballs, but they're sooo good) and also will be having some of the Mark's pizza we have in the freezer.  That's 3 meals, I'll be sure there are pasta leftovers.  If I come up with no other ideas, there's always takeout or probably other frozen stuff I can throw together, so no major worries here.

Another big thing is the wifey will no longer be here for the morning feeding for our 4 cats.  She is the sole provider when it comes to getting up to feed them at whatever time they wake her up in the AM.  They never try to wake me up, they know they won't get anywhere.  The time varies, but is usually from 5:30-6:15am, but the other night they were being bad and it was 3:30am.  Either way, that doesn't work for me.  Since I work from home Friday and it is the weekend after that, the earliest I plan to be awake is 8am Friday and 9:30am on the weekend.  Hopefully they adjust to my schedule, otherwise we're gonna have to throw down. 

Other than those two main issues, what shall I do with my new found freedom?  Weather looks to be 50% chance of rain/cloudy, so beach is probably out.  And it's been super humid, so outdoor activities aren't too appealing.  Harry Potter starts this weekend and I'd have no problem going by myself, but either the wifey would have to be seeing that in Albany this weekend also, or I'd have to go again....that's a potential option.  But what else? 

It's not like I don't have the freedom to do what I want normally anyway, so I don't really feel the need to let loose.  And since the wifey is usually my designated driver, going out to party wouldn't work out too well.  Add in that I'll be having my little weekend getaway with my college roommate back in the dorms in 2 weeks, I'm really not feeling the need to do much of anything actually.  The wifey never gives me a honey-do list of stuff to accomplish, so I'm good there as well.  Guess I got it pretty good normally, shhh, don't tell the wifey. 

Quite honestly, my current plans involve sleeping in, trying to finish up the stock trading book I'm reading and hanging out with the boys, but I feel like I should do something that the wifey wouldn't normally care to do, or something to take advantage of the situation.  Any ideas?


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