Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oswego Harborfest

Today will be my last blog post for the week.  I leave tomorrow AM to head on home to Rochester and Oswego NY!  My next post will probably be next Tues. 

It'll be a full few days of activities, starting out with Pontillo's pizza back at the parents house tomorrow evening.  Thursday is lunch with Gma/Dad at Charlie Riedel's followed by family festivities at the parent's house for dinner and family fun.  I believe most of my mom's side of the family and my dad/gma will be there.  It will be good to see everyone, since it's been a few years.

Then Friday it's off to Oswego for Harborfest with my man Timmay!  On Friday evening the festivities begin at 7pm at Breitbeck Park with Frostbit Blue, followed by Barenaked Ladies.  Not sure what we'll do for an encore on Saturday, but there are several more bands, a huge fireworks show, etc.  It looks like Old City Hall has some good music going on from 4pm on, so might check that out if we can get near the place. 

I finished making a sweet mix CD over the weekend for the hour drive over to Oswego.  It's got plenty of Frostbit Blue, Barenaked Ladies and some other blast from the past tunes to pump us up for the weekend!

It's back to the dorms we go!  I'm sure we'll be too excited to contain ourselves and it will spill over with lots of Facebook check-ins all around town for the benefit of all my former Oswegonians on Facebook to live vicariously through us for the weekend.  I'll also be sure to take lots of pictures and if my battery allows, I'll upload some along the way.  You can play around with the SUNY Oswego webcam also.  If you are controlling the camera and go all the way to the right and then start going left, we'll be staying in the first brownish building that is closest to the camera and you can see the smoke stacks in the background.  That's Hart Hall.  We used to live in the identical building across the way, Funnelle Hall.  Have a great rest of the week/weekend!


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