Monday, July 25, 2011

WNYer Meet Up - Recap

As I mentioned in Friday's post, we were heading out Saturday night to the Tilted Kilt to meet up with the Western NYer's Jacksonville group. I must say, it far surpassed what the organizer, Jay, thought he'd get for a turnout and we were quite surprised as well! This was the first meet up and there were approx 30 people in attendance.  Here are the pictures from the event. 

It was a really great time, everyone was super friendly. Prior to going, we only knew the organizer from Facebook and we knew the owners of Ann O'Malley's were going to be there, but other than that we weren't sure what to expect. I was a bit concerned that it would be all strictly Buffalo peeps and lots of hardcore sports talk and what not, but that was definitely NOT the case.

The first couple we were chatting with has been here for 28 years and Bruce was originally from Niagara Falls and Lucy was from Binghamton. She is the head of HR for the Goodwill in Jax/Gainesville/Palm Coast/Lake City and he works for GE Aviation, nice couple.

Then Vanessa came in and sat on the other side of us and she was hilarious! She just sat down and started chatting like we'd known her for years and she wasn't holding back. She moved her 2 years ago and is a chiropractor and lived in Buffalo and Syracuse prior to coming down.  It was great to have someone be so comfortable and open to just let it all out 10 minutes after meeting them. That isn't something you'll normally find here in the South very often.

We were talking to those folks until about 9pm mostly and then once the peeps not used to being out 'late' headed out, we moved down the table and met a few other folks. One woman Barbara is a volunteer at the main Feral cat clinic in town on Saturdays, so we had lots to talk about with her, she was there as a friend to Bob from Buffalo, she's a Jax Beach native.

Then we also spoke with Jay the organizer a bit and he was real excited about upcoming events, such as the Bills games, trips to so see the Sabres play in FL, future meetups, etc. We also talked with Bob, the organizer of the Bills Backers of Jax, he's pretty much just a fan that wanted to get together with others to watch the games and Jay talked him into taking over the Bills Backers group and we're all just one big combined happy family now. He's a real nice guy from Fairport and we talked Pizza, garbage plates, etc.  He knew the girls that were in this picture for the opening of Mark's pizza in Bradendon, FL, where we got our pizzas from.

We're super glad we went and looking forward to the monthly meetups, Bills games and trip to Tampa to see the Sabres play Oct 22nd. We made some new friends that I'm sure we'll definitely see again soon. Good times!


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