Friday, July 22, 2011

WNYers in Jax Meetup


Back when the Sabres were in the NHL playoffs a few months back, we came across a post from Ann O'Malley's bar in St Augustine in a Facebook Sabres fans group.  We found out they bar is owned by a former Buffalonian and they had beer specials for anyone wearing Sabres gear, anytime they scored, etc.  They also served Beef on Weck, which is a Buffalo favorite, not my thing but a taste of home for the wifey.  We went and had a great time, it helps they won the game in OT!  

About 3 years ago we also became aware of a local Buffalo Bills Backers club online and they now have a  Facebook page and they're ramping things back up this year with some new energy and new folks running the show.  We usually attend the first game at a local place in town, Wing-It in Mandarin and it's always a good time.  It's always a great turn out and always great to be surrounded by fellow fans to cheer on your team. 

Around the same time that we found Ann O'Malley's, we also found a website for former Western NYers in the Jacksonville area.  We were pretty excited, since it's always great to find out there are people from where you're from around town.  The WNY-2Jax site says: "We wanted to create a central location where all the former WNY'ers can find old friends and make some new ones. A place where we can find like-minded people to socialize with, network and more. You may just find some old friends from your old neighborhood that you lost touch with."  They also have a Facebook page. 

This Saturday from 7-10pm they're having their first meet and greet at the Tilted Kilt and we'll be there to hang out for some drinks, eats and good times!  Come on out if you're in the area.  Now I have to go heat up some Mark's pizza for lunch....all this talk of the homeland has me hungry for some hometown eats!


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