Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oswego Bound!

It's official!  Yesterday I booked a dorm room for my friend/college roommate Tim and I to return to where it all began, SUNY Oswego, for Oswego's Harborfest celebration!  In 2 weeks and 2 days, we'll be heading to the land of Oz.  We're sharing a dorm room and going to kick it old school and by that I mean we're old and back at school!  The funny thing is that it seems like just yesterday we were still back there partying it up like rock stars, while somehow still managing to graduate with honors. 

We loved staying in the dorms because everything was so close and convenient.  We lived in Funnelle Hall, room 502 (right arrow in picture above) for the first year and 501 (left arrow in picture above) for the remaining 3 years and Tim and I roomed together the whole time.  We were friends from elementary school-high school and it worked out great.  Our dorm, dining hall and fitness center were all connected.  We were also right in the center of campus and could pretty much wake up and make it to most classes in less than 10 minutes, 15 minutes with the crazy snow/wind during the winter.    And we were legends, at least in our own minds.

We were a really close knit group on the 5th floor of Funnelle Hall and had friends on other floors in the building as well.  On most weekends we'd either be cramming 10+ people in a 12x12 room or rotating between several rooms or heading out to one of the many weekly ritual spots.  Typically that was either a Sigma Tau Chi frat party, Delta Kappa Kappa frat party, Psi Phi Gamma frat party, Omicron Xi sorority party, Phi Lambda Phi sorority party, 6-9 party at the Wheel, Rugby Social 6-9 at the Caddy Shack, trips out to any number of bars including, but certainly not limited to Broadwells, The Shed (just recently re-opened!), The Shacki Patch, Greens, etc.  All of the events were all you can drink for either $3 or $5 and typically all you had to show was that you were 19 to get in or for many of them, all you had to show was your college ID, which didn't have any age/birthday info on it.

We were not members of any of the various greek organizations, but the cool thing about Oswego is that the big ones with the huge houses in town were open to anyone.  Show a college ID and you were in.  All you can drink for $5 from 9pm till-?  And we'd either walk or take a cab everywhere for $1 each person each way, can't beat that!  That made for quite the crazy time and lots of great memories, many of which are a little foggy, due of course to the previously mentioned all you can drink events. 

We can't wait to head on back.  Talking back and forth with Tim yesterday via email, we were thinking we need to get ahold of some retro Genny Light posters or our old Bartles and James lifesize cutout we had in our old dorm room and maybe get ahold of a Nintendo and play some Tecmo Bowl as we so often did on a daily basis. Cool, you can play Tecmo Bowl online and I just found the Bartles and James cutout for sale on Craigslist, cheap too, how funny!

We're planning to meet up with at least two former Oswegonians at some point and hopefully it will be great times had by all!  I will be sure to do a post or two after the main event as well.

WoodShed Tavern; Closest bar to campus and I found out it MAY be re-opening for Harborfest!

It was the Caddy Shack when we were there, Bucklands before and a McDonalds/Gas Station now
Broadwell's Tavern

Halloween masks that would surface on multiple occasions

These were our Halloween 'costumes' to get $2 off the Phi Lamb $5 Halloween party
My buddy Mike and I hanging down at Lake Ontario
Tim heading to campus safety to answer to 'serious charges' 


Anonymous said...

I miss Oswego so much. You wrapped this up so well, $3-5 all you could drink at the Wheel, College ID to get in. Man, I really miss the good old days. After I graduated in 95, the whole scene changed.

Chris said...

Yep, graduated at the same time. The good old days for sure!

Anonymous said...

PSi Phi Brother here, Class of 93. You captured a lot of the essence of what made Oz an amazing place at an amazing time for a young person to go to college!

Anonymous said...

I built the upper addition on bucklands. Omg it was definitely a party place

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