Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Trip - Caribbean Jacks Daytona Beach

Over this past weekend we wanted to take a drive somewhere to do something different. Pretty vague I know, but we wanted to just get in the car, head down 95 South and go to some venue we hadn't been. It was around 11:30am that we left the house and I had in my head that we'd drive until around 12:30 and find a place on the water to eat. I didn't say that to the wifey, we just started driving south.

As we started driving, we both were wanting to head right to the Florida Keys. A 6 hour drive one way wasn't really in the cards, but we do love the keys. Anyhow....It was funny, at 12:25 the wifey was using Google maps and the restaurant locator piece to find a cool place on the water to have lunch. Restaurants/bars on the waterfront are our favorite places to go. Love waterfront views. She must have telepathically picked up on my desire to hit a waterfront place for lunch around 12:30.

So we stopped at Caribbean Jacks on the Intracoastal Waterway in Daytona Beach. We've been to Daytona Beach a bunch of times, it's only an hour away. The main boardwalk area is touristy and kinda dated and stuff so that whole area wasn't the draw. We have never been to anyplace on the Intracoastal there and this place fit the bill perfectly. Nice big outdoor patio, weather was perfect, water view was great and food was good as well! It's always fun to go out and explore and find some place new that turns out to be a great find. Gotta hand it to Google maps and smart phones to make exploring easy! Hard to believe 4 months ago we'd always call one of my sisters' to have them look stuff up for us. Love the Droid X!

Here are some pictures from our little adventure....Do you ever go out to explore a new area for something fun? What are some of the apps/ways you find something new that have provided the best results?

Picture of the restaurant from the water taken from their website

Great view from our table


There was a pool at the restaurant...some sort of club membership was required.

We went over to the beach after lunch, you can still drive on Daytona Beach

The water was nice and clear there...the soft white sand helps!

We took the scenic route home, going up A1A along the Ocean and stopped to take this quick photo in the Crescent Beach area...the water looked so clear and blue!


Mock family said...

love me some waterfront eateries! SPRING BREAK!! did you see any spring breakers? Keggers? funnels?

Chris said...

Surprisingly, no...they were probably closer to the boardwalk area I'm guessing, but wasn't lots of younger peeps where we were on the beach...

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