Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Riverside Arts Market - Stepping Stone

We went to the Riverside Arts Market the weekend before last. As the site says it's a weekly arts and crafts market on the Jacksonville Riverwalk under the Canopy of the Fuller Warren Bridge. It's a cool every weekend event that runs March-December. In addition to arts and crafts, they also have lots of fresh produce, food, music and other entertainment.

We'll usually try and find something unique to purchase. The last time we went, which was around this time last year, we purchased some really yummy fresh bread from a place in Central Florida that was there. We saw the line and figured it had to be good and it sure was! Don't recall the name of the place.

This time we ended up picking up a decorative stepping stone to put outside the entrance to our patio. It was a really neat looking unique item that we had never seen anything similar to before. You can purchase them at the couple's site online. They live in St Simon's Island Georgia. We were torn between the palm trees and the lighthouse. We also really liked the Pineapple one, which would go great with our pineapple themed lamps in the front yard, but we weren't sure where we'd put that. The turtles, fish and heron are very cool too. It was $34.99 and just had to carry it back to the car, it's 35 lbs but wasn't too bad.


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