Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Ahead

I wanted to try and beat all the media outlets to the punch, time change this weekend! Time to move the clocks forward an hour. Hard to believe it's almost here already. I get very excited, since that means it will be lighter longer at night and really signals more of a feeling of Spring/Summer for me. Also, more time to get things like mowing the lawn done after work, etc.

I also like that it starts earlier in the year that it used to. The only downside for me is losing that hour, especially since I'm on-call this week and have to do work at 00:45 early Sunday morning, but that's ok. I don't get up early enough to be driving to work in the dark, so that issue doesn't affect me. I really think we should get rid of the time change all together and move them forward an hour now and leave it that way, but so far that hasn't happened. Other groups would like to leave it with more daylight in the early morning, rather than the evening and there are lots of sites out there that will sell one way over the other using safety concerns, energy cost savings, etc. but for me, I just like the additional sunshine at night.

Excited? What do you think?


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