Monday, March 7, 2011

The Secret - The Law of Attraction

If you're not aware, I'm a big believer in the law of attraction. Basically that just means that what you concentrate on most, you attract to you, good or bad. There are so many different ways to explain that further, but basically if you focus your thoughts on what you want, being as specific as possible and visualize/concentrate as often as possible, the universe has a way of delivering those things to you. You don't have to know how it will happen, you just have to believe, concentrate and visualize and sooner or later, those things begin to materialize.

That's the theory of many books and movies on the topic. The movie/website that I think does the best job of explaining and motivating you to put the law of attraction to work for you is The Secret. The secret is nothing more then learning to harness the law of attraction. If you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. There are lots of different presenters talking about the secret from their perspective and it is produced very well and conveys the message in a powerful way. I downloaded the movie and when I first got into the concept, I probably watched it 10 times in a few months time. It has actually been quite a while since I've watched it and I was about to search for it on my PC when I said hey, that would be a good blog topic!

I think the Secret became popular most recently when featured on Oprah. I came across The Secret after reading a John Assaraf book I think 3 or 4 years ago entitled 'Having it All'...It was a book describing how he utilized the law of attraction and the power of visualization and goal setting to achieve the life of his dreams and how you can do the same. He is one of the featured speakers in the movie.

I wasn't aware of the law of attraction as a term or phrase or way of life until I read that book and watched The Secret movie, however afterward I saw so many examples of how I've used that throughout my life without even knowing it. I don't want to get too over the top and sound like I'm part of some crazy cult or something like that. My advice at this point would be to get ahold of The Secret movie or book, go through it on your own and then decide if/how you want to try and use it to your advantage. But I do want to give a few specifics from my own life that I thought were pretty powerful...

I work in the IT field and many of my past jobs have been the typical 24/7, always on-call, always available type jobs, where you hardly have any semblance of a personal life. My job when we first moved to Florida had turned into exactly that type of role. The bottom line was that it was really causing a ton of stress, I was on-call just about every 3 weeks and would always get called during the off weeks anyway. We had to work most Sundays from 6am-noon and it really was wearing me quite thin. It wasn't just me, everyone on our team felt the same way. It wasn't always that way, but the last two years had gotten progressively worse...When things started to get bad, I always found myself saying these specific words all the time to either myself or my wife or just in general..."I want my next job to be more pay, less work, less stress and I'd love be home more days than I'm in the office."

I don't believe that I was aware of the law of attraction at that time, but I would always say those words probably at least 3-4 times a week, sometimes more, consciously an sub-consciously. I had absolutely no idea how/if I'd find something like that, but that was what I wanted. Slowly, everyone else in my group started to leave. One every few months or so until I was the last man standing from the original members of my team. Many took any job they could find just to get out, but I really didn't want to just go into another position and be in the same situation a few months later. Fast forward a bit and probably a year after finding a new job I watched the Secret. It was actually shocking to look back at some of specific events or moments in my life to see how the law of attraction had played a huge role, without even knowing about it.

For the past 3 years I've been in a position making more $, less hours, less stress, only on-call every 13 weeks and I work from home 2 days a week, which means I'm home 4 days a week and in the office 3 days a week. I was absolutely floored that what I had asked for over and over, had come true to perfection without even realizing it. I didn't even think a job like this existed, but sure enough, it was delivered to me. One of the other guys who had left my old group brought it to my attention and sent my resume on, I interviewed for the position, did better on that phone interview than any job interview I've ever had and the rest is history. In the past I might have just said that it was meant to be, which may be partially true, but now I really believe that the law of attraction played a huge part in everything.

It can work on a much smaller scale, or a larger scale that you currently think possible. Basically, anything you can imagine is possible. If you can think it, it exists. I found that I had to take a leap of faith for some of those concepts, but I do believe that anything is possible.

That really got me more interested and I started to recall all the past wants and desires that had come about in a similar way. For example, any new item that I have really wanted badly over the years came about in a similar way...You concentrate on what you want, picture yourself having that item, start to do research, go look at the item, etc. and eventually the item is yours.

Think about the process you've gone through when looking to purchase a car. Chances are you start to do research, think of the specific make/model and/or features you're looking for. You narrow things down to a few different vehicles or type and all of a sudden, you start to notice that you are now seeing those vehicles all the time. On the road, in a parking lot, etc. It's not that they weren't there before, you've just begun to focus and the law of attraction is bringing these vehicles or types of vehicles to your attention.

Hopefully you're starting to see how this can be a very powerful force, if you choose to believe and use it in your everyday life. It can start to take on a mind of it's own and the more you use it for good, the better it gets and it can start to take on momentum.

When I first got into the concept, I was really into it and spending much of my time watching or reading about the Secret and personal accounts from others on their website. I was super focused on being positive and wanted to bring in more $, I had no idea how but I was conducting myself in a much more positive energetic fashion. About a week later this one guy at work, always known for having side jobs and personal projects to bring in more $ came up to me completely out of the blue and said to me "I don't know why I never thought to ask you this before, but would you be interested in doing some short term contract work on the side over the next weekend or two at a large hourly rate?" I was taken back, at that point I was rather freaked out about the whole thing...he'd never come up to me before to have a one on one conversation, we'd passed in the hall, but that was the first personal conversation we ever had.

Say what you want, but I'm a believer. In that particular case, I did not take him up on the offer, since it was for that coming weekend and it was not something I felt I had the knowledge to handle under such short notice, but just the fact that things unfolded the way they did made me a firm believer. One other thing I like to think I played a role in was landing our favorite Mexican restaurant. We had always said that when we moved to our current home, one of the main things we missed was La Nopalera. We wished we had one close by all the time...then BLAMO...we have one literally steps outside of our community. The leg work started years prior when we had talked to one of the owners of the local chain and said he should look into putting a location near where we live now.

It's easy to lose focus and get bogged down with day to day setbacks that you might encounter in life, but if you try and live your life like every new day is going to be the best day of your life and focus and visualize everything you want to come true, I believe you'll be much better off in the future! Believe it and it will happen...Dream big!

Do you believe in the law of attraction and have any positive stories to share? I'd love to hear your stories or ways in which you utilize the law of attraction to make good things happen!


Jessica said...

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