Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime in Florida

Since the weather has been absolutely perfect for over a month now in Florida with temps in the 70s and 80s and the weather up in Western NY has been absolutely terrible, especially with the 4-8 inches of snow YESTERDAY, I thought I'd share some photos I took with my phone over the last week to hopefully thaw some of that snow up there for my friends and family....

Guana River Nature Preserve Beach Access

Ahhh...the beach, our favorite place to be!

View from the upper level lookout, great place to take pics....

Our first trip to chillax on the beach this year....was 84 and purrrrfect!

View from the same lookout, facing the Intracoastal Waterway on the opposite side

My old favorite beachfront bar....LEMON BAR! We saw the Perigee moon rise over the ocean from there, very cool but the pictures didn't turn out very well....

Azaleas almost in full bloom and look, green grass!

This was pretty incredible, we went for a walk last evening and looked in the back yard of this one house in our neighborhood and blamo DEER lots and lots of deer! They were all looking at us...the person has a salt lick and/or some food or something and apparently it works! There were approx 10 of them, they're not all in the picture. So cool!

They were all playing and having fun, you can maybe tell from the picture that some on the right hand side were running around just having a good time. It was super cool.


Ginny said...

This is one cold Momma who thanks you for the warm and sunny pictures.Snow totals(thanks to yesterday)are: Buffalo-107,Rochester-123, but Syracuse wins again with 175.

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