Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates to Prior Posts

I thought I would do a quick update on two prior posts...

Android App Creation
Regarding my App-a-palooza post I was wanting to try to create an application that would allow me to control the two flash LED lights on my Droid X camera flash independently, so that I could just turn one light or the other on instead of both. The bottom LED is faulty and started to blink about 10 seconds after using one of the LED flashlight apps. Well, after over a month, the Motorola development team finally got back to me and said that while the two LEDs are in fact independent, there is no way to control them separately at the application level. On the plus side, when I use the flashlight app now, after around 10 seconds the bottom LED just goes off. It no longer blinks, so problem solved on it's own! I might return it for a 'new' refurb just before my year is up, but really no need to at this point. All is good now.

P90X workout
Regarding my previous post on P90X from last week. I was onboard, for a day anyway. I got the supplements that I had mentioned and started in on the workout for day 1 and at the 1/2 way mark of the first workout I started to feel funky. My muscles were extremely fatigued to the point where I didn't have the energy to continue and I felt as if I needed to lay down. I had taken the Size On supplment prior/during the workout and this was the first time I had tried it.

In addition, I did the workout at 5pm, prior to eating anything major. Even though I had some turkey and some hard boiled egg whites just before working out, it might not have been enough food and that could have contributed to my fatigue. I've taken the Size On supplement separately afterwords with no major issues, I do feel a bit different when taking it, but haven't felt that same funky/fatigued feeling. I've also taken it when doing regular weight lifting workouts and no major issues.

I think the P90X is a bit too much at my current level of fitness. I have no problems at all doing a few miles on the treadmill-walking fast with some slight jogging and can do weights fine, but my typical workouts are only 2-3 days a week and 35 mins in length. I may incorporate some of the individual exercises of the P90X into my regular workouts, but I do not plan to continue with the program as a whole at this point in time.

I returned the Size On and Protein supplements to GNC. As far as GNC goes, it was great to be able to return the supplements used with no issues for a full refund. I didn't realize they would do that when I purchased them, so that was a bonus. They aren't bad taste-wise compared to things I've tried before, but I can taste the artificial sweeteners. My stomach/body is easily bothered by certain things and while these supplements aren't directly causing immediate issues, would rather not take these specific ones due to all of the additional ingredients that I don't necessarily want/need.

The main reason I wanted the Size On was for the muscle gain, which is a result of the creatine mostly. So I'm going to instead get a creatine only supplement. Creatine is tasteless and naturally occuring in the body. I've taken it before and I know it works, so I'd rather just stick with pure creatine for that one. I'm planning to get this one.

As far as the protein supplement goes, it wasn't bad, but again, has a whole lot of other ingredients and the aftertaste like a diet drink might, due to the artificial sweeteners I would guess. I'm going to go with this Now Whey Protein Isolate instead, which is all natural and doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners and is unflavored.

I think that wraps up the two things I've been wanting to provide an update on. If there's anything else you would like an update on or anything you'd like to have me post about, please leave a comment, as I'm always looking for new ideas for blog posts!


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