Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oswego Harborfest - Update 1

Whew...what a difference a day and 10 hours of sleep makes!  I finally feel human again today.  First off, the weekend was great!  Once the festivities began, the weather was perfect all weekend.  There was a tad bit of humidity at times, but overall it was low 80s and very low humidity and a nice breeze off the lake.  Such a welcome change from the mid 90s and humidity we've had lately.  But enough about the weather!

We headed towards Oswego, NY for Harborfest around 1pm on Friday.  We dropped my mom off about 1/2 way at McDonalds on Rt 104 and her neighbor/friend Sandy and fellow blogger Jen S picked her up to take her down to their cottage.  Jen S tried to talk me into doing some cone-ing when we were there, but I didn't take the bait.  If you're not aware, Cone-ing is the new Planking.  Or better yet, you can Cone and Plank at the same time.   It would have been funny, I tried to talk Tim into it as well, but no dice.  Perhaps if we had a few beers in us, but it was a bit too early for that. 

My buddy/college roommate Tim and I both had mix CDs of tunes from back in the Oswego days.  It was great to hear the old tunes and we were having a blast on the ride there.  Upon arrival, we checked into Hart Hall room 524 and popped open a few Genny Lights, including one that was a big 24ozer...Niiice.  After throwing back a few and reminiscing about old times, we ventured out to check out the campus a bit.  We wandered over to the new Welcome Center building which was the closest building to where we were staying and our old dorm and found out they built a brand new Ice Rink there.  That woulda been sweet to be able to party down and walk 2 minutes over to check out a Hockey Game!  They moved the Business major building quite a ways away, so that woulda sucked, but cool to see lots of new stuff under construction.

We then headed over towards our old dorm building, which is connected to the building we were staying in and we made it our mission to attempt to infiltrate!  If you watch Burn Notice, I was Michael Westin and Tim was Sam Axe.  And no, we'll never grow up.  We could tell there were people staying in the building, but had a feeling it was locked since we saw students using a fob swipe key to get in.  That wasn't going to stop us, we own this campus!  

We approached the building and to our advantage, the first door of a double door entry was not fully latched.  First perimeter breached successfully...The second door was fully latched and locked.  Pulling and trying to swipe our fob from the other building, both resulted in access denied.  The front desk attendant was there along with two peeps sitting on a couch next to the door.  The folks on the couch lept up to open the door for us and we walked in like we'd never left.  Victory was ours!  We kept a straight face until we got into the elevator, we were psyched!

We made our way up to the 5th floor and there was a guy sitting in the lounge watching TV, but the majority of the room doors were open!  We made our way over to 501, where the majority of the good times were had and snapped a few pictures.  The rooms were exactly the same, except that they now put the beds on stilts and they provide drawers that fit underneath. 

We successfully infiltrated our old dorm, the old dining hall and fitness center were open as well and we stopped in.  We also went by a few old classrooms and everything was pretty much the same there as well.  The day was a huge success already!  We had another beer and ventured out to the main event, HARBORFEST!  Stay tuned the rest of this week for further updates!  Here are some pictures of the day's events....

We took the long way around campus upon arrival; Cabin we stayed in for a 3 week summer session; Exactly the same as it was when we were there, which is scary since it was a dump back then!

Rudy's on the lake, a burger place across from the cabins above

Our old dorm building, Funnelle Hall!

Beds are now raised up with drawers underneath

View from our room in Hart Hall of our old building Funnelle Hall and the towers

Tim with the 24 ozer

The old fitness center between Hart and Funnelle Hall

Good old Cooper Dining Hall

Stairs leading out of the Dining Hall

Funnelle Hall, Cooper Dining Hall and Fitness Center from the outside

The new Ice Hockey Rink

Tim teaching class

Me teaching class

502 Funnelle Hall, we were here freshman year

501 Funnelle Hall, the stuff of Legends  :p

Tim in the old room

Me in the old room

Our room on the left, our friends Mike and Kevin straight ahead

Heading out to Harborfest...!


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