Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Insane Fun!

What a great title right?  Who doesn't want Crazy Insane Fun?!  Well maybe some don't, but how about a crazy insane AMOUNT of fun?!  That's probably better.  It's funny, I'm sitting here trying to come up with something fun to write today and really nothing was coming to me at all.  It seems I don't have a lot of exciting news, nothing major going on, no planned activities for the weekend, etc. so I just clicked in the Title box and said to myself...self, what would you want to read about today?  And that's what my fingers typed in.  So, Crazy Insane Fun is the topic for today and I guess this will be like an improv blog post for today.  Not quite sure where this will take me, but let's do it up!  I might need your help on this one!

Right now we seem to be in a bit of a lull, which goes against our main topic!  The wifey and I both took little long weekend getaways recently and that was certainly fun, more so for me probably.  Upon return I've been doing a little extra after hours work and weekend work at midnight on Saturday to make up for some lost hours, etc.  Plus it's been in the high 90s with 100+ heat index, so most activities need to be indoor for the most part. 

Last weekend we managed to have FUN by going to see Horrible Bosses at a theater down in St Augustine.  A funny movie with a real good cast.  Since we were down there, we did an impromptu visit over to St Augustine beach and decided to stop for a drink or two over on the main drag, St George Street.  Shockingly, it really wasn't oppressively hot.  We went to A1A Aleworks and had a drink there and then walked down to Ann O'Malley's, the bar owned by a former Buffalonian.  We can't go down there without stopping in to say hi and we had a free drink chip from last time we met up with them.  So that was cool, we would have stayed longer, but I had work to do from home at midnight.

This weekend I also have midnight work to do, so it seems like it's restricting us a bit.  Really it isn't, other than we can't go out of town or can't party down too hard on Saturday night.  I shouldn't have any work the next 3 weekends, so we'll be free to do whatever.

On Aug 27th we have our next meetup with the Western NY Jax group at a wing place/bar called Wing-It that was formerly owned by a guy from Buffalo.   That is our home for the Bills Backers of Jax for the upcoming season!  We did not renew the NFL ticket for the first time since 2004, since we'd rather hang out with other peeps and have FUN.  We really enjoyed hanging with the peeps at the Western NY meetup group a few weeks ago and many of them will be present for the games.  It's a preseason game vs the local Jacksonville Jaguars!  That will be fun, definitely looking forward to that!  Yeah, it's just pre-season, but it will be good to get psyched up for the coming season.  The hype/pre-FUN is usually better than the season itself when it comes to the Bills, but MAYBE this will be different?!  Heh...

Other than that, we've been planning some FUN a little further out.  For Thanksgiving we both are taking a half day on the Wednesday before and we're heading back to the Tampa beaches area, specifically the South Beach Resort on Treasure Island.  It's really not a resort per se, it's actually all condos that are rented out, which is what we were looking for.  We'll be there Wed-Sunday and are looking forward to it!  We want to explore that area more at different times of the year, so that will be fun.  We may try out Busch Gardens while we're there, but not quite sure yet.  Will figure it out as it gets closer.

In addition, we'll be making another trip over to Tampa on Oct 22nd for the Buffalo Sabres vs Tampa Bay Lightning game.  We're just waiting on the Bills Backers group to see if they're going to get a group discount for a bunch o peeps to head to the game.  We were going to go anyway, so it would definitely be more fun to do with a big group!

Other than that, I was just informed we may be shopping for a new full size mattress and cheap platform type bed for the spare bedroom.  That mattress is pretty shot and the wifey slept in there the past two nights with her slightly sick kitty Poker (he is all good, he gets that way if he eats one of the other cat's food).  We're both thinking sleeping separate on the week nights isn't a bad idea.  I usually go to bed later than her and roll over a lot and the kitties don't seem to bother/wake her up at 5am in the other room, so we might try that out.  We've both been much more awake so maybe we'll do that more often on weeknights.  Mattresses seem to wear out after 5-8 years no matter how much we've spent on them and this is for the guest bedroom, so we'll be trying for the best deal, nothing fancy.  We'll be going from Queen to Full, since it will fit the room better and where ever we move to next we're thinking it will be a smaller space.  So that's kinda fun perhaps. 

Well, I'm not so sure this post lived up to the CRAZY INSANE FUN title, but I enjoyed it.  What upcoming fun do you have planned?  Any suggestions for a decent/cheap full mattress and platform bed?  The platform bed needs to be one that a cat cannot get underneath. 


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