Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Facebook Privacy Settings Now Enabled

I have to say, I'm psyched that the new Facebook privacy settings are now enabled and seem to work quite well and are very easy to use.  The main one I'm interested in personally is being able to limit who can or cannot see your status updates.  It's real easy to use and I just tested it out.  You type in your status and then to the right there is a little pulldown, as shown here:


Grab that, go to custom and then you can type in names of only certain people that you want to see your update.  In that way you can limit specific things to one friend, a few close friends/family, leave it open to all friends, or even make it public.  Instead you can leave your posts open to friends and exclude specific people from the post also.  The exclude option has been there all along, but previously if you put someone in the exclude list, they would never see any of your status updates, past or present.  Now that is just for specific posts, or since your settings are saved, you can limit any future posts from certain people if you'd like. 

If you want to confirm that your recent post is only available to some and/or excluded from others, you can click on the profile tab along the top of your main page and then in the upper right there is a button for 'view as'.  Click on that, type in someones name and you will be able to see your page the way they see it.

All that works real well and it's good to see Google + type settings on a per post basis.  I believe their plan is to make it even more similar by allowing you to group people into categories and then you can limit posts to particular groups or from particular groups.  That could come in useful for example if you want to limit posts to family, exclude them from work folks or vice versa. 

That is all very cool stuff and like I said before, if Google + fades away, as it kinda has already after the initial hype has worn off, at least it has forced Facebook to become better.  Hopefully Google + stays around to add competition and make things even mo better!  How do you like the new settings so far?

Here's a link that shows a few of the other recent privacy changes. 


Jen said...

Very nice improvements from FB. I'm liking it.

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