Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oswego Harborfest - Update 3

Feel free to skim this post, it's too long, but it's late Wed night right now and too late to go through and edit a bunch out so, enjoy anyhow!

Saturday started out rough, as expected.  Went to bed around 2am and woke up at 8:30am just like every other day while I was away and after a full night of beers and good times, that is never good for me.  This was no exception.  It's a hereditary thing, the same definitely holds true for my sister Michelle for sure and I believe Jen as well.  We'll be hungover 9 times out of 10 where someone else drinking the same amount will feel perfectly fine the next day.

I stayed in bed messing around on the phone until around 10am when Tim got up.  We both felt similar, not a huge headache and not COMPLETELY down and out, but very foggy, I was queasy and the thought of doing it all over again that night wasn't appealing at that moment.  I had some pretzels, Coke, showered up and hoped for the best. 

We took our time getting ready and we were both much more quiet than the day before.  We decided to head down to the lake to either sit in the sun or just to get some fresh air, hoping one of those things would help the situation out.  It was a great idea, it was perfect...High 70s/low 80s, nice breeze and no humidity.  We walked down to the lake, which only takes around 5 minutes.  Once we got there we remembered that there isn't a beach or anything, it's all really huge flat rocks to navigate.  There were some other peeps scattered around the shoreline and several were in the water.

I hadn't thought to bring a bathing suit, but no biggie since we were in shorts anyway.  We went in the water, hoping it was the fountain of youth and would reinvigorate us and bring us back from zombie mode.  It was great!  The water was super clear and was refreshing but not super cold by any definitely helped the situation a bit.  We both also popped some drugs, Excedrin being my drug of choice, which usually does the trick.  We then hung out and just lounged on the rocks a bit and then headed back to the room and then out to grab a bite to eat. 

Normally driving or riding in a car is the last thing I want to do in that situation, but with a tiny bit of energy from the swim, felt I was up for it.  We decided to go back to the sub shop for another Cheeseburger sub.  The ride was ok, but wasn't real excited about eating...had half the sub and headed out.

I wanted to check out the college bookstore to see if they had any good shirts or items, but the only location open was the small one they had downtown and they didn't have much.  One weird thing was that there were several religious nuts on the main corner.  They were holding REPENT signs, handing out leaflets and one of them was screaming things to the cars and people going by.  I guess there are crazy peeps everywhere.

We went back to the room and Tim was always a big fan of naps in college and since that's where we were, knew that was probably a good plan for the afternoon.  Our friends Mike and Colleen called and were possibly going to come up to visit with their kids, but weren't sure exactly when.  They both went to college there as well.  Tim hit the bed and was out.  I'm not a good napper normally, but decided to give it a try and luckily I fell asleep for at least 15 mins or so, possibly 30.  That was a huge help.  We weren't 100%, but that was definitely key. By then it was around 4pm I believe. 

About 10 mins after waking up, Mike called and said he was just turning into campus.  Great timing!  They came up and brought his two great kids,  Carmine and Nina.  Poor Nina had been diagnosed with an ear infection earlier in the day, but she was a trooper.  Perfectly happy and no crying the whole time they were there.  Carmine was so funny.  He loved to say my full name and was also having fun making funny nicknames.  We hung out in the room for a short time and then decided to head down to the carnival rides.  He had a pickup truck with just barely enough for 1 inside with the kids, so I jumped right in.  Tim had the fun ride in the back of the pickup.  Since it probably wasn't legal to ride back there, he hid.  Mike is known for practical jokes or making people (mostly Tim) do silly things.  So of course, he gave him a wild ride on the way downtown!

We made it down to the rides, Carmine went on 1 or 2 and he won a prize on one of the games and it was a big blow up hammer that makes noise when you smack someone with it.  Of course you know what he was doing the rest of the time.  :o)  We went over to the area where the bands were to grab a bite to eat and then they headed back home. 

We were feeling quite a bit better at that point and were actually ready for a beer.  We walked a bit of a ways over to Old City Hall to meet up with my mom and see what they were up to.  We had a few beers there, but they were going down real slow for me.  We listened to the band there and then went over to a bar with an outdoor patio called The Office.  Great place real close to where the fireworks were going to be.  Then the best thing to happen to us all day was Tim's kinda joking suggestion that we should do a shot.  We say that often and usually one of us will say ok.  But this time it truly was a good thing.  For whatever reason, it went down fine and literally 5 minutes later we both felt 100%.  Was the weirdest thing.  From that point on we were all good, wide awake and feeling fine.  We hung out there until just before the fireworks and then walked the 5-10 mins to check em out and they were good as always.

We went right back to that bar afterwards and got a prime spot outside.  It was right next to one of the main streets everyone had to walk/drive by to leave the fireworks, so we had some great people watching.  Traffic was starting to clear out around 11:30 and shortly afterwards we headed out, walked by a few other bars and jumped on the trolley back to campus. We hung out in the lounge and watched TV a bit and called it a night around 1am I believe. 

I can wrap up Sunday real quick.  We woke up, showered and headed out!

We had an awesome time!  It totally lived up to our expectations and it was great to meet up with Mike/Colleen and the kids, Kevin/Joanna, my mom, neighbors/friends Sandy/Mike/Jen/Amanda, etc.!  After all of the good times, we were ready to head on out and back to reality.

We went over Tim's house and hung out with his wife Tori and his kids Connor and Finn.  It was super fun!  We played a little hockey, wiffle ball, a rocket launcher thingy, etc.  I haven't played ball in quite a while, it was fun and certainly tiring as well after a very long fun weekend with not very much sleep!  :o)

We'll definitely go back again sometime or do something similar elsewhere perhaps.  Not sure we can top that with the awesome bands, great weather, good friends and good times!  But we definitely need to get together again soon.

Lake Ontario on SUNY Oswego Campus

Sounds like the Ocean!

Lake Ontario on SUNY Oswego Campus

Lake Ontario on SUNY Oswego Campus

Lake Ontario on SUNY Oswego Campus

Lake Ontario on SUNY Oswego Campus

Chillin on the rocks at the lake


Coleen, Nina, Tim and Mike

Tim and Mike

Mike thought it would be funny to leave Nina in the hallway...makes for a funny picture!

Me and Nina getting ready to take the elevator ride downstairs

Tim in the back of Mike's truck

Tim hiding in the back of the truck

View of the lake/marina on the way from the carnival rides to get food

Party girl

Tim in our prime window spot at Old City Hall Pub

Mom in the same window spot

Insanely drunk mohawk dude; His buddy had to take the beer from him, he couldn't walk real well

1/2 the fireworks; The other half was higher up to the right

Old City Hall/Water Street bars on the way out...good times!

Tim's kids Connor up front and Finn in the playing ball!


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