Monday, August 22, 2011

HP Touchpads - Urgent

My previously scheduled breakdown of our visit to the Fountain of Youth has been postponed until Wednesday so that I may bring you this important urgent post instead. 

If you didn't hear over the weekend, HP discontinued their WebOS based Touchpads.  They are basically a scaled down iPad.  They were originally retailing for $499 for a 16GB WiFi version at launch on July 1st and $599 for a 32GB version.  Not very appealing at those levels.

Over the weekend however, retailers started unloading their remaining inventory of the devices for $99 for the 16GB version and $149 for the 32GB version.  Unfortunately I was unaware of that.  Several places began instantly selling out of their supply in 30 minutes or less.

I came into work today and everyone was asking everyone else if they got any over the weekend, no one had.  We began scouring the net for any remaining inventory and the sites we thought still had some were completely overwhelmed.  Best Buy had sold out over the weekend as well as Amazon.  There were 4 sites that were showing stock available this morning, Barnes and Noble, PC Connection, and CDW.  Unfortunately we all came up dry.  I was able to place orders for 2 of the 16GB versions on Barnes and Noble and received an order confirmation email, but an hour later it said the order could not be processed.  I was able to order 1 - 32GB version from and the order went into a processing stage, but went into a backordered status a few hours later.

I really wasn't even interested until everyone else was and then it was the thrill of the challenge to try and get one.  But really, at $99 it's a no brainer.  Even at $149 for the bigger one, it's a great deal.  At $99 I would get two and if I could, I'd probably buy a few more.  Everyone at work would pay for one and if not, you could easily sell them for more online.

So, I thought I'd solicit help from my loyal blog readers.  If you have knowledge of anywhere that has the HP Touchpads available at these prices, PLEASE leave me a comment.  I went back to using just the Blogger comment system if you didn't notice.  If you happen to see one in the store, BUY IT.  If it's the $99 version buy 2!  I will pay for the cost to ship it and throw in $20 each for your efforts!  I'll even dedicate an entire blog post on how great you are for coming through!

The post regarding this was INSANE today, there are now 30,222 comments in the one post on this topic and over 8 million views in the last few days!!  Literally if you went to the last page of the comments and started to read them, looking for new places that might have some for sale, by the time you got to the bottom there were 2-3 more additional pages of posts in minutes.  And just to check and see if things are still that busy now, YES, it still is.  There are now 30,337.  125 new posts in the time it took me to write this paragraph.  Nuts....So needless to say, the second anything is posted there, 1000s of people are trying to hit whatever sites might be posted so you really need to find some sites on your own or be super fast.  

Stay alert, stay positive and let's try and get a bunch of Touchpads!  :o)  Good luck and thanks ahead of time for any assistance!  We can do eeeet!

Update 8/25: I attempted to order from 3 different sites, but no luck so far. :(


Jen said...

Hmm this is crazy. I was unaware of all of this.

Mock family said...

wow, this is a little nuts, I know nothing of this either, I'll take one though :)

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